When I

As I walked under the warm summer sun,
Life was sweet & beautiful when I was young.
I always felt as though I never had a care,
Always living life doing whatever I would dare.
Whatever I wanted was always important to me,
My life seemed perfect being so young and free.

The years I’ve lived have made my eyes dim,
The weight of living has made me not as thin.
Each day’s passing is making my body weak,
Now I know there’s more to life I need to seek.
My time is growing short with no way to extend,
The days are fading fast as I’m nearing my end.

I truly thought I knew all that needed to be done,
Before there was no more time left under the sun.
I should’ve worked harder doing what was right,
Times passed when I could’ve walked in God’s light.
In my heart I felt I only did what had to be done,
But no life is worth living if it’s absent of God’s Son!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle


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