God Created Satan …

By Larry Shawn Cagle
March 28, 2020

I was reading an article a while back about how could a God of infinite goodness and love create an evil being such as Satan. This was not the first article with a similar topic I had encountered over the years. In addition, in all the responses to these articles, there was not a single one that pointed to the truth about Satan’s true origins. I was very surprised that Satan’s origin was not explain clearly in all the years of Bible Study most Christian’s should of had today. Plus, I wondered about the new Christians to the faith. Are they also lacking the information about how Christianity’s greatest nemesis came to be in our world??

To understand how Satan came into being we have to go back to the beginning when God created the angels. When God created all the angels, He created one who was called Lucifer. Lucifer was considered the most beautiful of all the angels in Heaven. Lucifer’s other names were “Dawn of Light” and the “Light Bearer”. Not only was Lucifer the most beautiful of all the angels, he was ” second in command” beneath God Almighty Himself.

Like all of mankind, all angels were given a “free will”. The ability to decide their own fate, good or bad. With this gift of free will from God, Lucifer decided one day he was just as good and as powerful as his Creator, God Almighty. This pride and arrogance was unacceptable to God. With this one act of pride, Lucifer became Satan and created evil too. Amazingly, Satan was able to convince one third of all the angels to side with him and fought against God Almighty for control of Heaven. As most people know, Satan and his followers (now know as demons) were all cast out of Heaven down to the earth. Now on earth they all must stay until the final end. That is when Satan and all his followers from heaven and those from earth will all be cast into the Lake of Fire for eternity.

Now you know the truth that God did NOT create Satan or evil. Lucifer created Satan and evil when he allowed pride to take control of his judgement. I personally believe that the saying “pride cometh before the fall” came from this foolish act of pride. Remembed this when your pride starts getting the better of your actions. There can be very severe results when you put pride before God your Father!!


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