There Are Times

Lord, to many times now I seem to always lose my way,
Trying to make sure I am walking in Your light each day.
This is simply because as soon as I start feeling weak,
I seem to start to forget Your way is what I need to seek.

You see I get lost often in all the distractions that occur,
Then all the rights and wrongs in my life all start to blur.
Lord I need Your help to focus on always putting You first,
I know living my life without You would be nothing worst.

I wish after so many years of working hard seeking You,
That always keeping You first in life would be easy to do.
Now even the times when I know I should kneel and pray,
Living life seems to often keep me from following Your way.

I understand why it is so important now to read Your word,
Many people lie and distort Your truth as I have often heard.
The real reason why does not matter as their end goal is clear,
They desire to keep us all who believe in You in perpetual fear.

Lord, please give me the wisdom I need to serve you each day,
And the strength to share with others the joys of Your Son’s way.
Help me to never again give into temptations & the need to repent,
And to spread the news that Your free gift of Grace is Heaven sent!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle
July 3, 2017


What Do You Know

What do you know about living so your life is not a disgrace?
How do you tell if your efforts living life haven’t been misplaced?
What do you know about making two into becoming just one?
How do you tell if the one you desire is truly from God & His Son?
What do you know about helping others in need that you’ve seen?
How do you tell if your actions didn’t cause problems unforeseen?
What do you know about helping others find God’s one true path?
How do you tell if your help did not cause them anger and wrath?
What do you know about finding the peace when others disagree?
How do you tell if your suggestions are helpful to those in need?

This & much more can be found in one place each time that you look,
Because God made sure that all the answers to life were in His Book.
So if you desire to have answers to how to live your life at hand today,
Call on the one true God for His Grace and be sure to follow His way!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle