When I Need Refreshed

This is a prayer that I created from verses in Psalm 51 when I feel I need to be refreshed by God’s Grace.

“Have mercy on me, O God, according to your steadfast love; according to your abundant mercy blot out my transgressions. Wash me thoroughly from my iniquity, and cleanse me from my sin! For I know my transgressions, and my sin is ever before me. Against you, you only, have I sinned and done what is evil in your sight, so that you may be justified in your words and blameless in your judgment. … Hide your face from my sins, and blot out all my iniquities. Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me. Cast me not away from your presence, and take not your Holy Spirit from me. Restore to me the joy of your salvation, and uphold me with a willing spirit. …” (Amen)
Psalm 51:1‭-‬4‭, ‬9‭-‬12 ESV

By: Larry Shawn Cagle


In Marriage

The answer has always been part of life,
Why a good man wants a loving wife.
I’ll be here praying to have the wisdom I need,
To make our marriage able to truly succeed.

Now we must chose what is right for both,
Keeping the vows to God from our marriage oath.
You have to truly forgive and not just forget,
Not having God’s forgiveness you’ll always regret.

Make sure to follow God’s word every day,
As only God can show you the perfect way.
To have more from marriage than a friend & lover,
To finding true peace & joy being bonded to another!!

By: Larry Shawn Cagle

Prayer For Forgiveness

Here is a simple and easy to remember prayer based on Scripture for asking God for forgiveness of your sins.

“Dear God my Father, I confess I have sinned,¹ I have (list your sins) and I repent² for my sins, I ask God my Father through Jesus Christ³ for forgiveness of all my sins. Amen”

Below are a few of supporting verses from Scriptures. There are a plethora of additional verses I have not quoted found in the Bible supporting this prayer.

1) 1 John 1:9
“If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”

2) Luke 13:3
“No, I tell you; but unless you repent, you will all likewise perish.”

3) John 14:6
“Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

John 3:16-17
“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him.”

1 Timothy 2:5
“For there is one God, and there is one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus,”

Acts 10:43
“To him all the prophets bear witness that everyone who believes in him receives forgiveness of sins through his name.”

Additional Supporting Scripture
Ephesians 2:8-9
“For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast.”

By: Larry Shawn Cagle, DC

God Created Satan …

By Larry Shawn Cagle
March 28, 2020

I was reading an article a while back about how could a God of infinite goodness and love create an evil being such as Satan. This was not the first article with a similar topic I had encountered over the years. In addition, in all the responses to these articles, there was not a single one that pointed to the truth about Satan’s true origins. I was very surprised that Satan’s origin was not explain clearly in all the years of Bible Study most Christian’s should of had today. Plus, I wondered about the new Christians to the faith. Are they also lacking the information about how Christianity’s greatest nemesis came to be in our world??

To understand how Satan came into being we have to go back to the beginning when God created the angels. When God created all the angels, He created one who was called Lucifer. Lucifer was considered the most beautiful of all the angels in Heaven. Lucifer’s other names were “Dawn of Light” and the “Light Bearer”. Not only was Lucifer the most beautiful of all the angels, he was ” second in command” beneath God Almighty Himself.

Like all of mankind, all angels were given a “free will”. The ability to decide their own fate, good or bad. With this gift of free will from God, Lucifer decided one day he was just as good and as powerful as his Creator, God Almighty. This pride and arrogance was unacceptable to God. With this one act of pride, Lucifer became Satan and created evil too. Amazingly, Satan was able to convince one third of all the angels to side with him and fought against God Almighty for control of Heaven. As most people know, Satan and his followers (now know as demons) were all cast out of Heaven down to the earth. Now on earth they all must stay until the final end. That is when Satan and all his followers from heaven and those from earth will all be cast into the Lake of Fire for eternity.

Now you know the truth that God did NOT create Satan or evil. Lucifer created Satan and evil when he allowed pride to take control of his judgement. I personally believe that the saying “pride cometh before the fall” came from this foolish act of pride. Remembed this when your pride starts getting the better of your actions. There can be very severe results when you put pride before God your Father!!

The Great Flood


By Larry Shawn Cagle
October 20, 2019

Most everyone today has heard about Noah, the ark he built and The Great Flood”. The Christian Bible describes this historical event in some detail. This information about The Great Flood and Noah’s efforts starts with the verse in Genesis 6:9 and ends in Genesis Chapter 9. However, this article is about what our so called modern history professionals claim about The Great Flood and Noah.

With the discovery of a stone “tablet” with writing pertaining to a great flood dating some 3000 years before anything in Aramaic or Hebrew concerning The Great Flood, the historians have now concluded that the The Great Flood of Christianity and Judaism was copied from an earlier story. What these individuals are basically saying is that The Great Flood did not happen as it is taught in Christianity and in Judaism. This is solely because they claim to have found no “credible” proof of that story from Christianity and Judaism. (Much of the Bible is not considered as acceptable proof by the historians of today.) The problem with their train of thought is just because they cannot find proof during a time when very few individuals wrote or were able to read, does not mean that everything with out written proof is false. Secondly, these historians have not considered that writing materials hardly existed way back when this occurred. Plus, almost every time a civilization was conquered back thousands of years ago, the conquering forces always did their best to destroyed everything concerning the people they had conquered. This was to ease the establishment of their culture over the culture that was conquered. Plus, considering how many times Israel has been conquered by foreign forces, it is not surprising but should be expected that there will be no written record of The Great Flood, yet.

So today with the many attacks against Christianity and everything related to Christianity, it is not surprising the default position of these mainstream history individuals is that if there is no proof, it did not happen. In addition, any proof found is almost always considered unreliable if it relates to Christianity’s as stated in the Bible. Which is extremely sad at the very least and disgusting as far as I am concern. The only thing that helps is the fact that they will ultimately answer to God for their actions if unrepentant.

Basically, I believe just because someone has not found proof as defined by the secular society, it is not acceptable or prudent to flatly state it didn’t happen just because it concerns or is related to Christianity.

How To Be A True Christian

What does it take to be a true Christian? To answer this question we must first define exactly what a true Christian is or what a true Christain should strive for. To find the definition for a true Christian, we must go to the only source for this information, the Bible. However, a problem is encountered. That problem is today, there are many translations of the Bible. Also, many of these Bibles are wrongly translated with a theological, political, secular or gender perspective. Because these Bibles have been “translated” without the intent for a truly accurate translation, they are incorrect in some of the important areas that are relevant to being a true Christian. If you use a Bible that does not have God’s word as was originally penned, then you will never be able to correctly understand His word. The Bible translations I personally use is a combination of the English Standard Version Bible and the American English Bible, which is found at:
http://www.2001translation.com online.

To be a true Christain we must look to Jesus, what Jesus taught and how Jesus lived His life. He summed up in Matthew 22:37-40 what the two greatest commandments Christian’s should follow:

37 And he replied: You must love Jehovah your God with your whole heart, soul, and mind. 38 This is the first and the greatest Commandment. 39 The second, like it, is: You must love your neighbor as yourself. 40 These two commandments are the basis of the whole Law and the Prophets.
Now we know what we must do to be a true Christian according to Jesus. We must first love God with all our heart, soul, and mind. But how do we do this? By following what God has instructed us to do in all that we do every day of our lives. First , we must seek the Kingdom of God. This can only be accomplished through reading the Bible over and over and over. Ideally, It would be best to read the Bible daily but unfortunately, that is not always posssible. However, if you desire to become a true Christian you must place reading the Bible daily as a priority. The best way to read the Bible daily is to set a specific time every day. Also, we need to set an amount of time that we will spend reading the Bible. Plus, this time must be commited to only reading & studying the Bible. In addition, I personally believe that part of reading and studying the Bible is prayer. Praying before reading for guidance and God’s enlightenment and then again after reading. Praying to thanking God for all He has shown you. In that prayer I recommend you ask God to help you apply what you have learned from your time in the Bible to your everyday life. One prayer I often say is asking God whenever I read, see or hear anything concerning Him, Jesus, the Bible, Christianity, or applying my faith, that He will show me, whatever it maybe, if it is true or if it is false. This is so I may not be or cause anyone to be misguided or lead astray by Satan.

Now, only reading the Bible is not seeking the Kingdom of God. It is a part of that process. You must take what you have learned from the Bible and apply it to your daily life. If you do not apply what God and Jesus teaches us all in the Bible, it is the same as never reading the Bible.

The Bible teaches us we must accept what Jesus taught, especially that He was the Son of God. He came to earth to teach what His Father told Him, to live a sinless life, to be falsely accused and put to death. Then after being dead for three days, He was resurrected. Plus, the reason for His death was for the sins of all of mankind and through His Death, we can be made righteous before God. In addition, Jesus taught that we must be baptized, we must spend time in fellowship with other Christians and we must spread the word of God to others.
Now that we know what it takes, how do you know if you are a true Christain? The way to answer this is by asking yourself these few simple questions. First, how much of your day is devoted to God and His teachings? If the majority of your time each day is not spent with God and practicing what He taught, you are not putting God first in your life. Secondly, whenever you fall short and give into temptation and sin, do you feel remorseful? Will tears actually form in your eyes when you confess your sins to God because your are heartbroken for having disobeyed God your Father? The one who created you, loves you regardless of what you have done and only wants what is best for you? Finally, do you have a personal relationship with God your Father and His Son? You can tell you have a personal relationship if They are as close and important to you as anybody you have a personal relationship with here on earth. If you do not answer yes to these questions then maybe your commitment to God needs some work or you need to reevaluate how you are living your life and how your day is spent.
While the main goal of a true Christain should be to lead a life identical to Jesus, it is not possible because as humans, we are flawed and imperfect. However, we should always try to emulate Jesus’s life and seek the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness each day as we live our lives.
By: Larry Shawn Cagle
©2014 Larry Shawn Cagle

Living & Life

I always been concerned about what is truly right and wrong,
Always hoping what I did in life helped some others along.
Many live in isolation while searching for some form of love,
Never knowing the truth that love only comes from God above.
The plans we make each day often fall apart along the way,
But still we start over again and try as though we had a say.
How can we have any success in our life without having hope,
That can only be learned from God’s word teaching us to cope.
Life without God only ends with us filled with anger and wrath,
And we would be lost forever without Jesus to show us our path.
Never believe those in your life who teach that we are all alone,
The truth is only God & Jesus Christ can show us the way home!!
By Larry Shawn Cagle

Free For All

Sadness consumes me more each day and night,

Seeing so many more wrongs and so fewer rights.

Pain & suffering of individuals increases every day,

With no hope of reprieve as they’ve lost their way.

Life is so cruel & evil feeling there’s no way to cope,

But why do so many not see that there truly is hope.

The god of this world tries to keep everyone blind,

By not allowing them to see the truth they need to find.

By God our Father’s love and with Jesus Christ’s sacrifice,

You can find hope as His Son has already paid the full price.

Read God’s word and learn about Grace that is Heaven sent,

Free to all by confessing you have sinned and want to repent!!

By: Larry Shawn Cagle


Hate, Truly A Four Letter Word!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle

Hate is one emotion that blinds all those trying to see the truth. Hate keeps hearts and minds closed to new possibilities, changes by others and any individual’s personal appeal. Hate keeps one’s anger focused on the individual who we may truly love or care for, and it can keep one’s focus off of the action or deed that may have started or fueled the hate. It can stop someone from forgiving and another from showing regret or apologizing. Hate always seperates, never unifies and always increases any form of isolation. Hate only serves what is negative or wrong and consistently acts against anything good and positive. It is amazing how hate can manipulate, direct or control so many actions and lives of those individuals who are good and decent. It is easy to understand why hate is one of the sins that leads to the second death since it’s creator is Satan. Remember, HATE is truly a four-letter word.

My Gift

To My Loving Wife Vicki:

I will never forget when you first stood next to me,
I knew that together in life we were truly meant to be.
Never before had I felt a soul so innocent and pure,
God had designed us to be as one my heart was sure.
Your beauty was magnificent both inside and out,
You were truly a gift from God and I had no doubt.
Who was I to finally find my one and only true love,
A sorry soul truly blessed by a gift from God above.
Even though I had closed my heart and mind to all,
God planned when first together for you I would fall.
Even though the years together have seen good & bad,
My life with you is the greastest gift I have ever had.
Please remember that my love for you will never end,
Together forever as my soulmate and my best friend!!

All My Love As Always,

By: Larry Shawn Cagle

God’s Way

We are given a chance to live,
Always God’s grace gives,
Those who accept the gift,
Adding souls He lifts,
Honor & Glory from above,
True perfect love,
With Him you are free,
Hope we all see,
Praise, Honor and Glory to Him,
Saved from all sin,
Nothing left except His word,
His truth is heard,
Sadly some will not live,
Still He gives,
Eternal Joy for all to see,
Forever with Thee!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle

Lost In Life

Down the road of life I travel each day,
Lost and confused not knowing my way.
Walking alone on this path & without care,
Dealing daily with people trying to be fair.
Burdens I carry weigh heavy on my mind,
A normal part of my life with more to find.

Each day goes by with no hope for respite,
I pray for help as I face each daily plight.
Who am I to ask for help from my grief,
A single soul among many hoping for relief.
With no choices ahead and still losing my way,
The only hope is to fall to my knees and pray.

Pray to the One who created all that there is & that will be,
He is the only One in life with a plan that can set me free.
Free from the pain I experience each day as it goes by,
Not knowing just what to do and always wondering way.
Now I can choose to have eternal hope or great despair,
I trust in God Almighty who truly loves me & always cares!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle

Without You

Lord, we cannot make it in this world today without You,
You give us the strength we all need to make it through.
Only fools have hope for a better life by going at it alone,
You give us strength to have no fear facing the unknown.

Now each day closes with us nearer to the final end,
Soon we will hear Your Son calling on us all to ascend.
We will avoid the suffering coming to those who denied,
The truth that You raised Your Son 3 days after He died.

To many are foolish by refusing the power of Your Grace,
The only chance they have to accept Your saving embrace.
Is it pride or foolishness when they give Satan the power,
To decide how they will live and die in their remaing hours. 

It was God our Father who created us & all that does exists,
Who then offered his only Son for all our sins by the crucifix.
Never has there been a greater sacrifice by given by anyone,
His death paid all our debts so our salvation could be won!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle

When It Comes

I often wonder what most people are going to say,
When they realize it’s time for their Judgement Day.
Will they tell their Judge that they really didn’t see,
The sins they committed had a cost and were not free.

That all the suffering they caused others in their life,
Was just part of surviving their own pain and strife.
That life was only bearable when they had some fun,
So they should not be judged to harshly by Your Son.

Each of us always has a choice in life before we finally die,
To accept salvation that is from the Son of the Most High.
Remember to stay in God’s light & on the path He planned,
So on that day we will all be together in the Promised Land!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle

A Way Back

My life is out of control, Lord can you truly see,
I am no longer whole, please show me Your mercy.
Lost in the noise each day, I am seeking direction,
How did life become this way, I need Your protection.

What hope is there for me, all alone in living life,
I know I’m really not free, burden by all the strife.
How can I feel more empty, having no real purpose,
All around me there’s plenty, but it’s only on the surface.

I need to find some hope, but only through the truth,
Showing me the way to cope, discovery of the sooth.
I’m told there is a way, if you truly have an open mind,
I will not wait one more day, for the answers I must find.

They say God is waiting for me, every day and each night,
Only He can set us free, simply by walking in His light.
God has made plans for each, easy to find and to follow,
His salvation is within reach, giving freedom from all sorrow.

God please hear my plea, have mercy & answer my call,
I know now You are the key, for Your Grace is essential.
I accept I have been a sinner, I want to change my ways,
Make me one of Your winners, I am ready to start today.

Thank you for Your Son, plus the gift of Your saving grace,
I can see You truly are the One, with you I always had a place.
I know I will never be alone, including this life and the next one,
God has given me a home, together forever with Him & His Son.

If you are lost and alone, looking for answers to get through life,
God’s Grace is your way home, to ovecome all your pain & strife.
God’s gift of salvation is free to everyone, nothing to do but accept,
So please call on His Son, then you can truly be one of the elect!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle

Doing Right

There are days when I wonder just what God wants from me,
Is there something I am missing or something I cannot see.
Have I overlooked a kindness or failed to lend a hand in need,
Possible I forgot to confess a past sin or to pray on my knees.

Because just when I feel I’m on the path & walking in His light,
Problems come from all around with many more just in sight.
Then I suddenly realized that the reason I have much more to bear,
Is Satan cannot stand that I’m closer to my God & that He truly cares.

So the more that Satan throws in my way gives me great joy & delight,
Then I’m sure I’m doing right following God’s way & staying in His light!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle 

If All Could See

In my last hours as I lie here on my bed slowly dying,
I am surrounded by my family & friends sad and crying.
I wish in my final hours I could make them understand,
They should rejoice as I’m headed to the Promised Land.

The life I lived was difficult & hard but allowed me to see,
There was a choice that was designed especially just for me.
The One true living God wanted me to see that He truly cared,
And that by choosing His Son I would be one of His heirs.

God offers us a gift greater than we could ever conceive,
One that is free to all by having faith and is easy to receive.
We each have a decision in our life that we must all make,
To decide our final eternity is a chore we must all undetake!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle


When I was young I always believed there would be a day,
My life would come together because I had found my way.
To have security and never have to be concerned or worry,
To live life at my pace each day and never to be in a hurry.

That was just one dream of a completely material being,
One who measured life by others & them never agreeing.
Seeing only what was directly in front & that I could touch,
Never realizing all I saw and all I wanted was just a crutch.

Only when I was alone surrounded by my own shattered dreams,
I was finally able to see that I lived my life only by others schemes.
I could clearly understand now what I knew in my heart was true,
That life had a purpose create by the One who truly loves me too.

God showed me the answer to living my life was always in His book,
I just need to take the time with an open mind and have a good look.
I finally understood this life is to show our faith in God and His Son,
That true rewards only began after our life here is finished and done!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle#

Now In My Life

I see the distortion growing with each day,
More misery is showing but what can I say.
Confusion is all that I seem to now know,
Delusions in my life all continue to grow .
Darkness fills all the empty spaces I find,
Sadness grows unrestrained in my mind.

What hope is there for someone like me,
Tangled in my problems trying to get free.
Looking for help I find unreasonable replies,
Saying I am selfish for feeling I want to die.
The compassion I need only angers others,
Those who claim to be my sisters & brothers.

What I know to be true I learned from God,
Living life is difficult and will often be hard.
God’s word shows the way to find true hope,
All we need to survive and to be able to cope.
His love gives us all the strength that we need,
To make sure that in the end we will succeed.

Never let any others who say they care distract you,
Remember to keep God first in all that you may do.
The closer we are to God and to following His way,
The harder Satan works to steal our souls each day.
So never forget with Jesus we have nothing to fear,
His promise of Salvation and Heaven is almost here!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle
August 31, 2017

Evil Has No Limits

One of the repeated problems I contantly see,
Is not recognizing the spiritual war around me.
We need to be aware and be ready to react quickly,
To the attacks Satan’s demons instigated decisively.
Their desire is to prevent any that they can persuade,
From receiving God’s Grace with their evil charade.

For those true Christians who have accepted God,
Satan focuses all the evil he can to make life hard.
Through lies he distorts Gods word so some believe,
Happiness and success on earth is God’s guarantee.
The truth is that whenever we accept God into our life,
We can count on Satan to cause us more pain & strife.

Satan’s demons will attack at any chance they find,
From the physical to our emotional state of mind.
Demons try to destroy our relationship with Him,
By using our weaknesses and tempting us to sin.
But God has a plan for all so we have already won,
Our final reward is in Heaven with God & His Son!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle
September 6, 2017

Please enjoy and share with any of you family, friends, sisters and brothers. I hope you have a blessed day!! Shawn 

There Are Times

Lord, to many times now I seem to always lose my way,
Trying to make sure I am walking in Your light each day.
This is simply because as soon as I start feeling weak,
I seem to start to forget Your way is what I need to seek.

You see I get lost often in all the distractions that occur,
Then all the rights and wrongs in my life all start to blur.
Lord I need Your help to focus on always putting You first,
I know living my life without You would be nothing worst.

I wish after so many years of working hard seeking You,
That always keeping You first in life would be easy to do.
Now even the times when I know I should kneel and pray,
Living life seems to often keep me from following Your way.

I understand why it is so important now to read Your word,
Many people lie and distort Your truth as I have often heard.
The real reason why does not matter as their end goal is clear,
They desire to keep us all who believe in You in perpetual fear.

Lord, please give me the wisdom I need to serve you each day,
And the strength to share with others the joys of Your Son’s way.
Help me to never again give into temptations & the need to repent,
And to spread the news that Your free gift of Grace is Heaven sent!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle
July 3, 2017

What Do You Know

What do you know about living so your life is not a disgrace?
How do you tell if your efforts living life haven’t been misplaced?
What do you know about making two into becoming just one?
How do you tell if the one you desire is truly from God & His Son?
What do you know about helping others in need that you’ve seen?
How do you tell if your actions didn’t cause problems unforeseen?
What do you know about helping others find God’s one true path?
How do you tell if your help did not cause them anger and wrath?
What do you know about finding the peace when others disagree?
How do you tell if your suggestions are helpful to those in need?

This & much more can be found in one place each time that you look,
Because God made sure that all the answers to life were in His Book.
So if you desire to have answers to how to live your life at hand today,
Call on the one true God for His Grace and be sure to follow His way!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle

When I

When I reach the end of my day,
I often fall on my knees to pray.
But the times I take to talk to God,
Seems to be only when my life is hard.
When days go by with little confusion,
Not thanking God is a foolish delusion.

I know that for me He will always be there,
But when life is good I seem not to care.
Wrong as this is I still seem to forget,
In good times or bad even when in debt,
That God’s love for me will always be there,
And no matter what I do, He will always care!!

By: Larry Shawn Cagle

Take My Hand

Take my hand if you want to be free,
Take my hand if you want to be with me,
Take my hand & you’ll always have my love,
Salvation is a gift from your Father above.

It doesn’t matter were you are in life,
If you are single, a husband or a wife.
It doesn’t matter what you have to do,
If you call on me I will be there for you.

Take my hand if you want to be free,
Take my hand if you want to be with me,
Take my hand & you’ll always have my love,
Salvation is a gift from your Father above.

My love has no limits and cannot be measured,
I promise my love will be your greatest treasure.
I sent my Son to die for all your sins,
I did this so Satan could never win.

Take my hand if you want to be free,
Take my hand if you want to be with me,
Take my hand & you’ll always have my love,
Salvation is a gift from your Father above.

To me you are more precious than you know,
And without my love your soul can not grow.
It’s always free and there is nothing to do,
My Gift of Grace is always there for you.

Take my hand if you want to be free,
Take my hand if you want to be with me,
Take my hand & you’ll always have my love,
Salvation is a gift from your Father above.

If you have faith that is all you need,
I will send the Holy Spirit & you will be freed.
Then when you finally take you last breath,
Rest assured you’ve overcome the second death.

Take my hand if you want to be free,
Take my hand if you want to be with me,
Take my hand & you’ll always have my love,
Salvation is a gift from your Father above!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle

Why Can’t I 

To my loving wife:

It never seems right no matter what I say or do,
I am never able to find the way I can please you.
The words are wrong or the tone is not quite right,
No matter the words I use we always seem to fight.

Where did it all go wrong and we lost our connection,
Why are you now unable to return my love & affection.
The harder I try to love you the angrier you seem to be,
Tell me what to do so you’ll again show your love to me.

Is there any hope left in your heart that you can’t find,
Why can you not see I will love you until the end of time.I
I’ve tried everything I know to make you happy again,
Please show me what to do as I am ready to begin.

I pray day and night for God to heal both our hearts,
I need you desperately and I never want to be apart.
So Dear please give me a sign that you want my love,
And pray with me to be together forever to God above.

I am waiting to hear from you to let me know you care,
In my heart God says He can heal us through our prayers.
So pray with me at least one more time will you please,
Because it’s you & your love that I want and I truly need!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle

I Won’t Compromise 

I won’t compromise,
Are you suprised?
Life on my knees,
My soul at ease.
Peace from prayer,
God’s always there.

Evil still growing,
No sign of slowing.
Wanting it to end,
Then I can begin.
Life with God above,
Eternity & His love.

I will always believe,
His way is for me.
He accepts my petition,
My sins are forgiven.
Freedom from all sin,
Only comes from Him.

I won’t compromise,
Now are you suprised?
Nothing is impossible,
His love is unstoppable.
I will always be heard,
Spreading God word.

By: Larry Shawn Cagle

We Are Meant To Be

To my loving wife:

I know it is hard at times for you to see,
That together in life we are meant to be.
God had a plan designed just for His Son
Plus He had a purpose for making us one,

Do not blame me when we have no control,
It’s only God’s Grace that can save your soul.
Satan does his best to ruin life for everyone,
But God gave us a way to win through His Son.

He only wants the best for us all every day,
But together we both must ask when we pray.
The true power of Christ only comes by prayer,
This is the message together we must share.

What can I say to you except God loves you,
There is nothing in life for you He wouldn’t do.
I know I could never love you as much as God,
But I truly promise to try to no matter how hard.

Remember that God does have a plan for everyone,
And he designed our paths to come together as one.
So please never believe that we are not meant to be,
Because like God, I will love you forever & an eternity!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle

Perfect Love

God`s love supports us when we suffer,
Giving us endurance we soon discover.
Through His love our character grows,
Adding the hope so we can truly know.
God poured His love into all of our hearts,
Blessed with the Holy Spirit, never to part.
His love can fulfill all our earthly needs,
A perfect love no greater could we conceive!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle

There For All

I was walking alone in the world just looking for my place,
When I realized I was headed for destruction without haste.
When I did not know if there was anything that I could do,
I started to search for some help and what I found was You.
You said that You came as soon as I called out Your name,
And no matter what I have done You’d love me the just same.

You said You’re here to help me survive this world until the end,
And there is nothing that You will not do to make sure that I win.
All you asked from me was to have faith free of a worrying mind,
And to profess my belief in Your gift of grace that anyone can find.
You told me you have always known me as you’re my Father from above,
All you offer is free to all & there is nothing greater than Your love.

I could not believe or understand how a God who is perfection,
Could love someone like me who sees only sin in their reflection.
Then I realized that if we were not broken we would have no need,
To have God come into our life to guide us so in the end we can succeed.
It does not make a difference what we’ve done in life as long as we repent,
God will forgive & forget all our sins so we can avoid an eternity of torment!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle

The Path

There are many different paths in life we can choose to follow,
But there is only one that will help us overcome life’s sorrow.
Sadly, most of us usually start down the one that’s not right,
However, we can always decide to follow any path in our sight.

The good news is there is one perfect path He made for each,
Designed by the one true living God and easy for us to reach.
To walk the path that God has created especially just for you,
Simply give your life & soul to God and accept His grace too.

Once you have found God and accepted His free gift of grace,
You will know in your heart that with Him you always had a place.
A place with God our Father who will always love & care for you,
Regardless of whatever you may say and whatever you may do.

Just remember to always put God first in your life each day,
Always read God’s word & work hard to follow His Son’s way.
Whenever you slip and fall and then give into temptation,
Just confess your sins to God to receive His gift of redemption.

We are not perfect and will make many mistakes, this He knows,
He made sure that each time we slip & fall, we can learn & grow.
There will always be times we step off our path & lose our way,
All we must do is ask for God’s help and guidance when we pray.

Once we have given our lives to God we now belong to Him,
He will never forsake us & always be there, even when we sin.
When we reach the end of our life and the world is finally done,
We find God’s path has led us to an eternity with Him & His Son!!

By: Larry Shawn Cagle

Why We Were

Every day I wonder exactly why we were all made,
Do we have a special purpose to fulfill each day.
Is life just to gather all the earthly goods we can,
Or is there another reason that God created man.

When I look around at my life it seems so empty,
Even though I spent all my years gathering plenty.
Several days a week I spend time cleaning off the dust,
Or making sure other objects I have do not begin to rust.

In my heart I know that there’s something missing inside,
It feels as there is something I should have done or tried.
I have a family with many friends around me each day,
But this feeling that I have simply will just not go away.

When I was young I was told of God’s love He has for all,
That God and His Son Jesus is always wanting us to call.
It did not matter what we had believed or done in our past,
That until we die God’s Grace can save our soul if we ask.

I do not understand how God can love someone like me,
Who has spent their entire life sinning & ignoring His plea.
To many times when I could have help someone in need,
I ignored their pleas as I was to focused only on my greed.

What is there about me or the reason that God really cares,
Is it because I am here or possibly I could be one of his heirs.
A possibility I have denied all my life but always felt inside,
That God loves me but I cannot see it because of my pride.

Dear God my Father please hear my plea as I finally now know,
That because of Your divine love there’s no length you won’t go.
I call to You and Your Son to save my soul from Satan’s evil grip,
I know with your gift of Grace I can have salvation & fellowship.

Who could ever ask for a greater gift than offered by the true God above,
When you confess He forgives & forgets all sins because of His love.
I beg you not to wait until you’re knocking at death’s door about to enter,
Put aside your pride & call to God your Father and confess you are a sinner!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle

To Share With

God, please help me spread Your word to others,
So it can bring true joy to our sisters & brothers.
Let them hear for themselves all Your Good News,
As they have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

To many people deny facts that they all know are true,
They can have life eternally simply by calling to You.
It is always written on our hearts from the very first day,
Your Grace is for all simply by following Your Son’s way.

I pray each day I may open at least one person’s eye,
Just enough for them to know they never have to die.
To see that You sent Your only Son to die in their place,
So they can have salvation by accepting Your gift of Grace!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle

Do You …

Do you need a friend,
When you’ve reached your end?
Do you need a lift,
When the dark clouds persists?
Do you need a hand,
When you feel you can’t stand?
Do you need a kind word,
When anger is all you’ve heard?
Do you need help,
When nothing good can be felt?
Do you need support,
When life is not worth the effort?
Do you need someone,
When you feel alone under the sun?
Do you need anything at all,
When you do, please give Jesus a call.

God and His Son is always there waiting to be with you,
To help & guide you in life with all you are going through.
Gods precious love will give you the strength to endure,
To overcome Satan’s evil so your salvation is assured!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle

The Way

My life is out of control, Lord can you truly see,
I am no longer whole, please show me Your mercy.
Lost in the noise each day, I am seeking direction,
How did life become this way, I need Your protection.

What hope is there for me, all alone in living life,
I know I’m really not free, burden by all the strife.
How can I feel more empty, having no real purpose,
All around me there’s plenty, but it’s only on the surface.

I need to find some hope, but only through the truth,
Showing me the way to cope, discovery of the sooth.
I’ve been told there’s a way, if you have an open mind,
I will not wait one more day, for the answers I must find.

They say God is waiting for me, every day and each night,
Only He can set us free, simply by walking in His light.
God has made plans for each, easy to find and to follow,
His salvation is within reach, giving freedom from all sorrow.

God please hear my plea, have mercy & answer my call,
I know now You are the key, for Your Grace is essential.
I accept I have been a sinner, I want to change my ways,
Make me one of Your winners, I am ready to start today.

Thank you for Your Son, plus the gift of Your saving grace,
I can see You truly are the One, with you I always had a place.
I know I will never be alone, including this life and the next one,
God has given me a home, together forever with Him & His Son.

If you are lost and alone, looking for answers to get through life,
God’s Grace is your way home, to ovecome all your pain & strife.
God’s gift of salvation is free to everyone, nothing to do but accept,
So please call on His Son, then you can truly be one of the elect!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle

With Him

For You are my strentgh and my rock,
Together with You I will always walk.
No matter the power of the storm,
I am safe because I’ve been reborn.
You are my protector and my shield,
To You Satan and demons must yeild.

Your living word is the power of my sword,
It gives me the ability to claim Your reward.
My path is always illuminated by Your light,
With Your love protecting me day and night.
When in the valley of the shadow I have no fear,
With Your Grace our victory over death is clear!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle

Time To Change

The days are getting shorter, I am running out of time,
Nothing is straight forward, I live between the lines.
Life was never my dream, even when I played the part,
It is worst than it seems, I live with a broken heart.

I always knew wrong from right, but it is not what you know,
Regardless how hard you fight, you always reap what you sow.
The past is dead and gone, I live each minute of the day,
Forget about all the wrongs, will I be able to see His way.

Even with seconds left to live, His grace is there for free,
There’s nothing you have to give, faith is what He wants to see.
Simply swallow your foolish pride, do what you know is right,
For there’s nothing left to be tried, ask God for forgiveness tonight!!

By: Larry Shawn Cagle

Without You

Lord, we cannot make it in this world today without You,
You give us the strength we all need to make it through.
Only fools have hope for a better life by going at it alone,
You give us strength to have no fear facing the unknown.

Now each day closes with us nearer to the final end,
Soon we will hear Your Son calling on us all to ascend.
We will avoid the suffering coming to those who denied,
The truth that You raised Your Son 3 days after He died.

To many are foolish by refusing the power of Your Grace,
The only chance they have to accept Your saving embrace.
Is it pride or foolishness when they give Satan the power,
To decide how they will live and die in their remaing hours.

It was God our Father who created us & all that does exists,
Who then offered his only Son for all our sins by the crucifix.
Never has there been a greater sacrifice by given by anyone,
His death paid all our debts so our salvation could be won!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle

Concern For

In my heart I truly have great concern,
For all those who seem to never learn.
This world is evil and it will always be,
Regardless of what they want to believe.

I cannot understand the need & desire,
Believing there’s more you have to acquire.
But with each item that you try to possess,
You discover you have more but there’s less.

It’s enslavement of the nefarious kind,
Trapping the soul & keeping you blind.
Never able to know what they truly need,
Satan takes away any desire to succeed.

This world contains not a single treasure,
Why waste your time on earthly pleasure?
If you only live for the time you are here,
After your death you will know true fear.

You will have to accept that God is always right,
Or you’ll never be able to truly walk in God’s light.
If you open your mind & read God’s word each day,
You’ll know the truth & God will show you the way!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle

Thank You

Dear God my Father from above,
Thank You for giving me all Your love.
For helping me stay in Your light,
Always being ready to take my fight.
To overcome life’s problems each day,
Simply by following Your Son’s way.
I know You’ll never stop loving me,
Making sure my soul is safe & free.
I know I do not deserve Your love,
Thank You for being my Father above!!

By: Larry Shawn Cagle

There Is 

I’ve heard you can see the good in people if you try,
But the world is evil and you can see it by all the lies.

If all you want is to be free and have peace of mind,
You’ll have to go through life as though you’re blind.
There are choices left for all those souls misplaced,
Someone to care for all those who’ve been disgraced.

“I know I’m a simple soul lost in time without any hope,
Where can I find the only One who can help me cope?”

There is someone from whom you can never hide,
Who’s just waiting for you to call Him to your side.
His love is greater than you could ever conceive,
If you accept His Grace He promises to never leave.

“Is He always there waiting for me to call out to Him,
So once together my new life with Him can truly begin?”

God the Father gives His grace so you can bear all,
He gives you the strength you need with your call.
If you ask God with faith free of a worrying mind,
He will always give you all that you need in kind.

It’s really a simple choice for everything you will gain,
A life in Heaven eternally free of all suffering & pain!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle

Why Decide

No point in living,
Taking not giving,
Seeing those in need,
Keeping only to suceed,
An eternity to dwell.

Choices are all free,
Often we don’t see,
Many chances missed,
Kept to another’s list,
An eternity to dwell.

To late to decide,
Family & friends graveside,
Failed in the giving,
Wasted was the living,
An eternity to dwell!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle

My Life Is Not Mine

I recently learned that once I had given my life fully to God,
Many things that once came easily now had become very hard.
This was not because God just wanted me to have to suffer,
He needed me to see what I believed important was just clutter.
The direction I had chosen was actually leading me astray,
Away from God’s love & plan designed to show me the way.

Since God became responsible for my life I finally understood,
He would do all in His power so my salvation could be assured.
I had to learn even though I could not see all His plans for me,
He already knew all that I needed so Heaven could be a reality.
While I believed for a while my life was going seriously wrong,
Soon I discovered what I felt was because I was too headstrong.

I learned I no longer controlled my life or whatever happened,
All that occurs is only by God & all my control was imagined.
Regardless of how hard my life has become I feel fully assured,
Suffering kept me walking in His light & I’d have Heaven secured!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle

Do Not Let Me

Do not let me give into evil of any shape or form,
From You & Your Son I do not want to be torn.
Do not let me give into temptations of the flesh,
Allow me to serve you with each living breath.
Do not allow me to go one day without praising You,
Show me how I can show others my faith is true.
Do not let me forget the blessings I have received,
The ones You have given me when I was in need.
Do not let me lead others astray by my acts or words,
Allow me to share Your miracles I’ve seen or heard.
Do not let me fail in telling others of Your saving grace,
Help me show them in heaven they can have a place.
Do not let me fail in spreading the truth of Your gifts,
Help me overcome Satan’s evil regardless of the risk!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle

I Was

Thinking back to my youth long in the past,
Each day I remember went by way too fast.
Discovering living life and making it mine,
Always felt as though I had plenty of time.

One period I consider very peaceful to me,
When I lived life & I had no responsibility.
This blessing was because of my home,
My parent’s love meant I was not alone.

With all I was finding in living life I knew,
That I needed something or someone new.
Being the age when you start see more,
I developed a serious desire to explore.

This lead to finding a companion you see,
Thinking this would fulfill that desire in me.
I realized something greater was required,
Even with thier love I still had this desire.

In desperation I cried out I knew I was lost,
You came to tell me help came at a cost.
That I must confess my sinning was not right,
Then to have faith and to walk in Your light.

“My Son, Jesus, died so you can avoid death,
Then have life eternal after your last breath.
There is nothing for you that I would not do,
I’m God your Father the One who created you!!”

By Larry Shawn Cagle

When I

As I walked under the warm summer sun,
Life was sweet & beautiful when I was young.
I always felt as though I never had a care,
Always living life doing whatever I would dare.
Whatever I wanted was always important to me,
My life seemed perfect being so young and free.

The years I’ve lived have made my eyes dim,
The weight of living has made me not as thin.
Each day’s passing is making my body weak,
Now I know there’s more to life I need to seek.
My time is growing short with no way to extend,
The days are fading fast as I’m nearing my end.

I truly thought I knew all that needed to be done,
Before there was no more time left under the sun.
I should’ve worked harder doing what was right,
Times passed when I could’ve walked in God’s light.
In my heart I felt I only did what had to be done,
But no life is worth living if it’s absent of God’s Son!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle

Here Again

Lord, here I am once again on my knees in prayer,
Trying to see the good in life as all I see is despair.
People caring only for themselves and never for others,
Believing they are alone having no sisters or brothers.

All their energy goes to making sure in life they succeed,
While always turning a blind eye towards those in need.
They can’t see their earthly treasures have no real worth,
As all they have will pass away with the heavens & earth.

Can you help these blind people see when they don’t want to,
By showing there is hope and salvation in following you.
They have all been part of this evil world since their youth,
All their hearts are hard with their minds closed to the truth.

When I see the evil they do as part of living each & every day,
I feel there is little hope for them & I do not know what to say.
If they would only try to see the power and beauty of Your Grace,
True salvation comes from You & in Heaven they could have a place!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle

One Day Forever

Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior,
No deed needs done for His favor.
His perfect love is free for all,
Need only to ask with your call.
Grace from God flows through Him,
His death removed the stain of sin.
Nothing is greater than His love,
We receive although undeserving of.
Regardless of what deeds observed,
Jesus will give more than we deserve.
One day we will be forever in Heaven ,
With God, His Son & all our brethren.
This world is evil and soon will end,
Then as promised our new life begins!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle

His Love Will

I’ve been up and I’ve been down,
I’ve been lost and I’ve been found.
I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor,
I’ve been at peace and at war.
But I never knew how great my life could be,
Until I had Jesus walking together with me.

I’ve been tired and I’ve been rested,
I’ve been tried and I’ve been tested.
I’ve been empty and I’ve been fulfilled,
I’ve been weak and I’ve been strong willed.
But I never knew how great a love could be,
Until I had Jesus’s arms wrapped around me.

His love will lift you up when you are down,
His love will give you a smile from a frown.
His love will show you the path when you’re lost,
His love will always send your spirit aloft.
His love will show you’re rich when poor,
His love will show you need less & not more.
His love will show you’re always in reach,
His love will show you He cherishes each!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle


God my Father has given me His grace,
This blessing is a gift I will not waste.
With it there is no way I cannot succeed,
God’s Grace gives me all I could ever need.
It will allow us and God to eternally exist,
Who could ever ask Him for a greater gift.
All can have God’s grace that is from His love,
His Glory is proclaimed by all in Heaven above!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle

Said & Done

I know that I have lost my way,
Please come to my aid this day.
I use to be someone who was upright,
Because I made sure to walk in God’s light.
But now all is darkness all around me,
Please come and help to set me free.

There was a time I could always cope,
And now without You I have no hope.
How did I stray so far from Your path,
Was it because of my anger and wrath?
I never seem to be able to forgive others,
Including all my sisters and brothers.

What must I do to have peace inside,
Is there a special way I have not tried?
Please come & show me what I missed,
I know I cannot keep on living like this.
I hate all the evil I see each & every day,
How much longer here must I stay?

I wish I could forgive and forget like You,
But everytime I try I am just not able to.
Please show me how to have more faith,
How to love others and forget about hate.
All I want now is to know what to do,
Show me the way as I give my life to You.

Teach me how to use Your gift of grace,
I cannot afford to lose this eternal race.
Never let me see the darkness ever again,
Help me overcome temptations so I do not sin.
All I want is to be with You and Your Son,
Together forever when it’s all said & done!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle


As long as I can remember You have always been part of me,
You have never left my side regardless of what You may see.
I know You have tried hard each day teaching me how to live,
And You showed me life is not about taking but what we give.
Even when I was far off the path You had designed just for me,
You were always there showing me how and what I needed to be.

When I was very young and had learned about You and Your word,
I never once doubted Your existence irregardless of what I heard.
I decided that if I had to suffer either now or after my last breath,
I wanted my torments to be now so I could avoid the second death.
But one of the most amazing aspects of everything I have been through,
Regardless of how often I sinned, You never left me as Your word is true.

It has been about 50 years and You have been with me day & night,
Sadly, it has only been recently that I started fully walking in Your light.
Even when I refused to live life right, You still worked to make me free,
But I still can’t understand how You could love such a lowly sinner as me.
I wish I had realized sooner the voice inside of me was the Holy Ghost,
So I would know the voice guiding me was the One who knows the most.

Even though my mind is not nearly as sharp as it was many years ago,
I can’t believe I once thought miracles I had came from what I know.
Sadly it would take 30 years before I realized it was all solely from You,
But since that one revelation I can honestly say, my faith steadly grew.
I sincerely believe all that was part of Your plan to help me stay on track,
As I know You never do anything that is not good for me & that is a fact.

I am so grateful for the blessings & gifts that I have received from You,
Each one has helped in many ways and made sure my faith still grew.
I was in a state of pure peace and no longer connected to this sphere,
The time You touched my soul with Your love freeing me from here.
All of my worries had vanished together with all I loved on this earth,
I realized then all that occurs here without God simply has no worth.

I know now that all there has been or will be is soon, going to pass away,
And there is only one way to survive the coming of God’s Judgement Day.
You must accept that there is only One True Living God & Jesus is His Son,
Who willing died for all our sins in order for our salvation to be won.
Confess you are a sinner like everyone else & ask for forgiveness for your sins,
Keep God first in your heart & in all you do so you can have an eternity with Him.

Never will there be anything in this Universe that is greater than God and His Son,
Whatever may happen in your life just remember there’s nothing God hasn’t overcome!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle

For All To See

I cannot help but feel sorry for people today,
Lost and alone searching for a better way.
Turning to others for direction & security,
Only finding their own confusion & obscurity.

Out each night and day hoping for better,
Thinking their suffering can’t last forever.
Others talking how they found direction,
Speaking falsely giving only misconception.

My heart aches when they cannot see,
Only God can give the love they need.
I know their pain comes from isolation,
Adding to their own growing frustsation.

They claim a life worth living can be easily seen,
As long as you follow the master of the unclean.
Satan claims he only wants what is good for you,
But if you believe that then you are truly a fool.

While there are many who find earthly treasures,
Soon they see they give only temporary pleasures.
Nothing of this world can give us what we truly seek,
Only God can give all you need before you can speak!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle

Why We Live

There has been many times in my life I have wondered why,
If there is no reason or point for living, why should I even try.
It seems we are born, work hard & suffer and it’s time for death,
I need to know if I have a reason for being before my last breath.

Many have said it’s to make your mark on life but is that really true,
And if that was right, when we were born we all would know what to do.
Others believe that it is only to keep life going on so it won’t ever end,
To me that seems, at the very least, a simply completely pointless trend.

For as many reasons there are, I have come to understand and believe,
The reason we ask why, is that there is a truth we all need to perceive.
There is one truth we are born with in our heart that we have to find,
Because if we do not live by this truth our lives will never be truly defined.

We are all from God who loves us and has a plan for us to succeed,
It’s for all of us to know God, love God & serve God, this is all we need.
Since we know exactly why we are here & what part we all have to play,
The rest of life is easy only having to focus on following God each day!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle

Give All

I was sitting at home just watching this day go by,
And started thinking about Jesus & God Most High.
With all the blessings & miracles that have been done,
How could I ever fully show all Honor to God & His Son.
There is nothing in this universe that They don’t see,
Still they have the time to personally care about me.
Through God’s gift of grace, my salvation has be won,
Give all Praise, Honor and Glory to God and His Son!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle

When It’s Done

We are all children of the one true living God above,
Who freely offers us salvation because of His love.
When all is said & done and when you’re in the grave,
There’s nothing left to do as it’s now to late to pray.

You final fate you have fixed living your life alone,
Each time you failed to do good, Satan you condoned.
Jesus promised He would come if you would only call,
His word is true and it’s not only for some but for all.

No excuse exists that could work to save you today,
When you face to face with God, what can you say??

By Larry Shawn Cagle


Disillusion is your drive,
No reason to survive.
Life is less each day,
You know you’ve lost your way.

Loneliness fills your time,
Wanting less is your crime.
Depression sets your pace,
You know you’ll win this race.

Blackness is all you see,
But God holds the key.
Living life is going fast,
He can redem you from the past.

Do you want the truth for living,
It’s not about taking but giving.
Salvation is His gift for all,
Only God can save you from your fall.

There no reason to despair,
His love He wants to share.
Are you ready to begin,
To have your life eternal with Him?

What more can be said or done,
Your salvation has been won.
Free for you to have today,
Just decide to follow His way!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle

Desire To Be

Hello God it is me,
Once again on my knees,
Here to thank you for all,
Both the large and the small,
Blessings I have received,
Regardless of my wants or needs.

To You I confess all my sins,
So I can begin once again,
A day with hope and love,
From You God, my Father above.
Because Your image of me,
Is all that I desire to be!!

By: Larry Shawn Cagle

True Love

​All praise, honor and glory I give to You and Your Son,
It was only through Jesus’ death was my salvation won.
Miracles You gave to me came regardless of my needs,
I give thanks to you for these and the blessing I received.
Lord, I wish I had fully accepted Your love from the start,
It has truly saved my life & it now completely fills my heart.
It is clear to me just how truly great and loving You can be,
Thank You God for Your love and instilling Your grace in me!!

By: Larry Shawn Cagle

A Message For You

I sincerely hope and pray you will take time to read the poem and take to heart the message.
Larry Shawn Cagle


I have a word for all who will listen and hear,
The beginning of the end of all is so very near.
I use to think the time of being called home by Him,
Was far in the future and I did not know when.
But recently I have come to fully understand,
Soon some will be called home, to the Promised Land.

There is not a doubt in my mind that many will say,
Only God the Father truly knows that hour and day.
This is absolutely true but God said I needed to hear,
That He did not say that I could not know what year.
That is what I want everyone one to know today,
You need to be sure to live every minute by His way.

Jesus is soon going to be calling home those few,
And life for those who are saved will begin anew.
So before you lose your last chance to have His love,
Ask for forgiveness from the one true God above.
What I am saying is not to cause you to have fear,
But the promise of God & His Son is almost here.

The time will come & the beginning of the end will start,
Make sure God is first in your life and first in your heart!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle

The year I am told is 2017 so remember what God’s word says about salvation!!

“because, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For with the heart one believes and is justified, and with the mouth one confesses and is saved. For “everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” Romans 10:9-10,13 ESV

Even At Night

​As I come closer to the last days of my life,
Satan tries giving me much more pain & strife.
His demons have been recently attacking at night,
So when I am sleeping, in my dreams I must fight.
But I have a weapon that Satan cannot overcome,
It is my prayers to God the Father & His Blessed Son.

Before I close my eyes at the end of each day,
I ask God for help & protection whenever I pray.
Then each time Satan trys to disturb my sleep,
I guarantee it will be his demons who will weep.
With God’s help you will always win the fight,
Because you will never be alone, even at night!!

By: Larry Shawn Cagle

Each day

Each day as I look around this world I wonder when,
How much longer will God be able to tolerate sin.
How much longer before God will finally say,
Now the time has come for Man’s Judgement Day.

I see all the evil that came from Satan’s crime,
I pray that Day of Judgement is in my lifetime.
I know exactly what to do to survive until that day,
Keep God’s word in my heart & follow His Son’s way!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle

Lost Sometimes 

Pain & suffering is increasing with each day,
All brotherly love & charity has lost its way.
I hate what I see and plead to God for relief,
I know that it is all because of my weak belief
Tears stream as I pray to Him for the strength,
And I tell God for Him I will go to any length.

Sadly it’s hard to feel like one of God’s winners,
When I know all I am is just another lowly sinner.
People are caring only for their personal ideals,
Always trying to change a world they think is real.
A part of the bigger picture they think they know,
Seeing the only goodness in all the evil they sow.

I can never find a place for my mind to hide,
To keep the pain out there from coming inside.
If I only knew how to have a little more faith,
My days would surely have a much quicker pace.
Because life here is evil and always so very hard,
All I need is the love & grace that comes from God!!

By: Larry Shawn Cagle 

On That Day

I pray for a time when,
We will all be free from sin.
All our prays will be answered,
All our voices will be heard.

We will shed no more tears,
We will have no more fears.
For on that miraculous day,
All the faithful will be saved.

There will be no more hate,
It is not long for us to wait.
We will all be the same,
and be free from the pain.

It is really not far away,
That final judgement day.
When Jesus Christ will come,
Gods one and only Son!!

All our sins have been forgiven,
In heaven we will all be livin’.
Surrounded by His perfect love,
And peace from God above.

More beauty than we can see,
Our bodies just as perfect as He.
When Jesus Christ has come,
God’s one and only Saving Son!!

By: Larry Shawn Cagle 

Dear God …

When life is all pain and becomes too tough,
When I want to quit living and to give up.
I only have one action left for me to do,
Get on my knees to give praise & glory to You.

For without your precious love & guiding light,
I would have been lost with no will to fight.
You have promised if we have faith in you,
Our fight against evil will be your fight too!!

By: Larry Shawn Cagle


The truth is all that I am trying to do,
Is to get His message of love to you.
A message about God’s gift of grace,
That’s ready for you anytime or place.

If you accept with Jesus’s final breath,
Your salvation was obtain by His death.
If you believe this with all your heart,
From your life God will never depart!

If you can do only one thing this day,
Please fall to your knees and pray.
God will always forgive all your sins,
Then you will have an eternity with Him!!

By: Larry Shawn Cagle

Nothing Is

Nothing worth doing comes easily,
Nothing by man is found for free.
Nothing happens without a purpose,
Nothing matters when on the surface.
Nothing happens without a reason,
Nothing to lose except your freedom.
Nothing to offer or need to replace,
Nothing is free except God’s grace.
Nothing satisfies more than true love
Nothing more perfect than God above.
Nothing to worry or to be sad about,
Nothing to do this day in or day out.
Nothing left now but Heaven and Hell,
Nothing except for where you’ll finally dwell!!

By: Larry Shawn Cagle

When It’s …

I do not care about the suffering or about the pain,
I know there is nothing to lose and everything to gain.
If I focus all I do getting by each day and night,
I am trying to win what only God can fight.
This world is evil and soon it will melt away,
Leaving only God’s word when it’s Judgement Day!!

By: Larry Shawn Cagle

Why We Suffer

Have you ever wondered why you suffer so much as a Christian?  I had wondered why, for some time, until I had completely read the Bible.  I originally thought that becoming a Christian meant that there would be less pain and suffering for the rest of my life.  I thought that way because of false teachings of various minister I had listened to previously.  These ministers were preaching what is known as a “prosperity” gospel.  This “gospel” states that when you give yourself to Christ, everything will be better until you go to heaven. You will have less suffering and every thing in your life will be better. The problem with that statement is it is not biblical.  The Bible never states while living on earth and following Jesus Christ means you will have less trouble.  However, the Bible does actually state that you will have more suffering as a Christian and it is not until you reach Heaven, will there be no more pain and suffering.  However, God’s word does say how you should handle any pain or suffering while here on earth and that is what is important.  In truth, how you react to anything is the only thing you can control, that is with God’s help. You can either let pain and suffering overtake you and control you or you can give it to God and rely on Him to handle your suffering.  It is only then, with God handling your suffering, you will experience less suffering.  That is why Paul states in the Bible why we suffer. It is so we can rely on God and the power of God.

One thing you must remember is that Satan is always going to work his hardest on Christians, especially new Christians, to try to shake their faith.  So instead of letting Satan win, you should give it to God. I will admit one of the hardest aspects I have with being a Christian is rejoicing in my pain and suffering.  This is because I always looked at pain and suffering as something bad or negative.  I never considered pain and suffering as an opportunity to rely on God and God’s power. To be able to experience God’s power through pain and suffering. So when you suffer, you should be glad, because the power of God is in you and He will handle your suffering. Remember that with God and Jesus Christ, all things are possible!!

2 Corinthians 1:8‭-‬9 ESV
“For we do not want you to be unaware, brothers, of the affliction we experienced in Asia. For we were so utterly burdened beyond our strength that we despaired of life itself. Indeed, we felt that we had received the sentence of death. But that was to make us rely not on ourselves but on God who raises the dead.”

2 Corinthians 12:9‭-‬10 ESV
“But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me. For the sake of Christ, then, I am content with weaknesses, insults, hardships, persecutions, and calamities. For when I am weak, then I am strong.”

Romans 5:3‭-‬5 ESV
“Not only that, but we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us.”

1 Peter 3:14‭, ‬17 ESV
“But even if you should suffer for righteousness’ sake, you will be blessed. Have no fear of them, nor be troubled, For it is better to suffer for doing good, if that should be God’s will, than for doing evil.”

Written By: Larry Shawn Cagle

As I Travel©

As I travel through my life’s journey it often seems,
Regardless of my desires, hopes and dreams,
Obstacles always appear and block my path,
Interfering with my plans & stirring my wrath.

So to what purpose or function are these distractions,
Obviously to keep me from obtaining satisfaction,
And who would be glad to see me quit and to fail,
Only one I can think of and he is the head of Hell.

I rejoice in this evil and demonic attention received,
For it tells me I have be doing as God my Father needs,
Whenever more difficulties, problems and distractions happen,
I pray to God & give thanks to Him for giving me this passion!!

By: Larry Shawn Cagle

Never To Late©

What do you really know,
Are you sure you’re ready to go.
Your soul is lost by a life misled,
Fire and brimestone lies ahead.
Your fate is sealed by lies & strife,
No second chances in the afterlife.
All the chances you had to repent,
You passed by without any dissent.
No need to worry or stay on track,
it’s always easier to follow the pack.
The flesh was easy to pacify,
The spirit took more to satisfy.
Why worry and lay life on the line,
Time is short & all will be fine.
But you know that it is not true,
There is only one choice left for you.
Ask for the only gift that saves,
The only way to overcome the grave.
There’s nothing to do or to give,
Jesus gave His life so we could live!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle


Please God, send your angels to save me,
Is this truly all my life is meant to be.
Pain & suffering every minute of each day,
God please help me, I have lost my way.

The place you once filled is now a dark hole,
Emptyness is all I now have left to my soul.
I do not know what I did to push you away,
Please God, I need your help, save me today.

My heart is breaking and my soul aches,
Why can I not find you in that special place.
Please come back and show me what to do,
I can no longer keep on living without you.

If I fall on my knees and pray to you for relief,
Can you show me how to overcome my grief.
For all the wrongs I have even done to others,
The suffering my actions caused my sisters & brothers.

Please God, I am so hollow and feel so out of place,
How can I get my soul filled again with your grace.
I pray day & night for your love and your help,
Dear God, why can your reply no longer be felt.

What am I lacking to making myself whole,
Am I asking to much for such a sorry soul.
Must I give up all that I am to have your love,
Which path must I follow to find God above.

The darkness I feel is slowly fading away,
Now a voice I hear begins to guide my way.
It is soft and sweet, full of hope and love,
I recognize that it is from my Father above.

He tell me He has never left me for a single second,
But it was I who turned my eyes away from His presence.
For when I sin & fail to ask Him to be forgiven,
Sadly there’s no help from your God in Heaven.

For I cannot look upon any soul with a stain,
Regardless of how much I want to relieve your pain.
Please remember I will always be there for you,
No matter what you say or what you may do.

Be sure to open your heart and soul fully to me,
And I will give all my precious love I have to thee.
So when you feel empty, hollow and all alone,
Remember I am here waiting until you are home!!

By: Larry Shawn Cagle

Just Believe©

I was always sad and depressed,
I could never find relief or any rest.
Then when I finally accepted you,
You showed me in life what to do.
Always have faith and never worry,
Never go through life in a hurry.
God will give you all you will need,
By following His plan to succeed.
He promises you He’ll never leave,
All you need to do is just believe.

“When you’re weak, alone and scared,
Always know I will always be there.
Never worry because you are mine,
I will love you until the end of time!!”

By: Larry Shawn Cagle

Truth Is

The truth in life is there is little that needs to be known,
And it’s best to realize you can not do it on your own.
But there is One that can make sure your life is not a waste,
And you can be assured in heaven you will have a place.

In everyone’s life there comes a time when we truly see,
That life is not what we thought or made it out to be.
That no matter what you do or how hard you may try,
You are constantly failing and always asking why.

Even with hard work and giving it your best,
It is never enough & always cause you more stress.
When you finally realize you have little left if any at all,
You’re going off the cliff of despair & it’s a lonely long fall.

But when you hit bottom just realize you are not alone,
Jesus is always there waiting to take you back home.
To the One who always forgives even your worst deed,
Especially when you are down & are desperately in need.

He will pick you up from your lowest of lows,
And give you the chance of a true state of repose.
Just remember that alone in life you’re destined to fail,
And by not accepting God’s plan you will end up in Hell.

Give all you have to God who can free you from all strife,
Before it is to late to change how you live your one & only life!!

By: Larry Shawn Cagle

Dear Father

Dear Father from above,
Thank you for Your love.
For all that you have given me,
Regardless of what you see.

I know you will always care,
And that you are always there.
Watching over me each day,
Showing me your special way.

For without your guiding light,
I’d be lost each day and night.
You gave your Son for our sins,
I know my salvation comes from Him.

What could I ever possible do,
To fully show my thanks to You.
Except try my best never to sin,
To be sure Satan can never win!!

By: Larry Shawn Cagle


Dear Lord, as I sit reflecting on my past,
I finally understand and realize at last.
It does not matter who we truly are,
Or what we have done in this life so far.
All that is important for us all to know,
Is there is no distance You will not go.
To bless us and show You love us each,
Because we are never out of Your reach.
We are each personally blessed by You,
Regardless of who we are or what we do!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle

In Choosing

All my words are in defiance,
For I will never be silenced.
In spreading God’s Sacred word,
I will always make sure l’m heard.

God’s word is for our salvation,
To overcome sin and temptation.
This world is full of evil and hate,
Only God’s grace can alter your fate.

Satan & his demons continue to deceive,
You will never see hope for a reprieve.
Only pain & suffering will fill each day,
Without Jesus Christ to show you the way.

Regardless of what this country may do,
There is one thing I absolutely promise you.
Never will I allow man’s laws to shape my faith,
Even if a life in prison is were I must wait!!

By: Larry Shawn Cagle

When I

When I reach the end of my day,
I often fall on my knees to pray.
But the times I take to talk to God,
Seems to be only when my life is hard.
When days go by with little confusion,
Not thanking God is a foolish delusion.

I know that for me He will always be there,
But when life is good I seem not to care.
Wrong as this is I still seem to forget,
In good times or bad even when in debt,
That God’s love for me will always be there,
And no matter what I do, He will always care!!

By: Larry Shawn Cagle

We Need Only

Dear God my Father,
Why do you bother,
To always offer me,
Your Grace for free?

Am I truly able,
Or really capable,
To begin or to go,
Where people know,
Peace from within,
Happens without sin.

Your love is divine,
Can it be truly mine,
I only need pray,
You’ll show the way.

We need to show,
And God will know,
We are sincere,
About staying near,
God’s precious heart,
Never to be apart!!

By: Larry Shawn Cagle

Always There Always Cares

Every day I try hard to do my part,
Keeping God’s word close to my heart.
The Holy Spirit guides me through the day,
By listening to what God has to say.
I know it’s better to give than to receive,
What the Holy Spirit tells me, I believe.
God’s love is endless and is always there,
He’s waiting for your call, to show He cares.
We know that only God can set us free,
His free gift of salvation is the key.
God is waiting to forgive all of your sins,
With His forgiveness, your new life begins.
There is no hope of salvation without His Son,
Only by Jesus’s sacrifice could our eternal life be won!!

By: Larry Shawn Cagle

As I Sit

(This Is The First Poem I Created)

As I sit and feel God’s sun warm on my face,
I wonder just where in life is my place.
Lost and confused with so much regret,
I realize with God there is no reason to fret.
God has planned a path for me to follow,
So I would not be alone & have any sorrow.
I know that I am completely free to chose,
Suddenly I realize there is a lot for me to lose.
Not just what I do today or even tomorrow,
But for my eternity I know have to follow.
Not blind faith without thinking or choosing,
But faith & trust in God’s love is soul soothing.
He will keep us safe and secure throughout all time,
And all He asks for is faith free of a worrying mind.
Who could ask for more than all God offers,
Because His gift is free and never falters.
If you truly love God with all your heart,
Then you and He will never be apart!!

By: Larry Shawn Cagle