Time To Change

The days are getting shorter, I am running out of time,
Nothing is straight forward, I live between the lines.
Life was never my dream, even when I played the part,
It is worst than it seems, I live with a broken heart.

I always knew wrong from right, but it is not what you know,
Regardless how hard you fight, you always reap what you sow.
The past is dead and gone, I live each minute of the day,
Forget about all the wrongs, will I be able to see His way.

Even with seconds left to live, His grace is there for free,
There’s nothing you have to give, faith is what He wants to see.
Simply swallow your foolish pride, do what you know is right,
For there’s nothing left to be tried, ask God for forgiveness tonight!!

By: Larry Shawn Cagle


Without You

Lord, we cannot make it in this world today without You,
You give us the strength we all need to make it through.
Only fools have hope for a better life by going at it alone,
You give us strength to have no fear facing the unknown.

Now each day closes with us nearer to the final end,
Soon we will hear Your Son calling on us all to ascend.
We will avoid the suffering coming to those who denied,
The truth that You raised Your Son 3 days after He died.

To many are foolish by refusing the power of Your Grace,
The only chance they have to accept Your saving embrace.
Is it pride or foolishness when they give Satan the power,
To decide how they will live and die in their remaing hours.

It was God our Father who created us & all that does exists,
Who then offered his only Son for all our sins by the crucifix.
Never has there been a greater sacrifice by given by anyone,
His death paid all our debts so our salvation could be won!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle