Living & Life

I really don’t know what to do,
I wish I could simply tell you,
I get more depressed every day,
And I cannot find what to say.

I wish you could fully understand,
I feel my final time is at hand,
I wish God would take me today,
Sadly, I know that is not His way.

What is there left for me in life,
Except suffering, pain and strife,
I pray to God for help and relief,
I wish I had more faith or belief.

I feel there are no solutions around,
Why search for what can’t be found,
Please forgive me when I am weak,
Help me find all the answers I seek.

I guess the truth is I am weak Inside,
I want all there is & not have to decide,
I have to try harder to have more faith,
I know the end will come & no one waits.

Please God hear all that I truly confess,
Forgive my sins and help me be blessed,
I promise to work hard each and every day,
To follow Your path and all that You say!!

By: Larry Shawn Cagle

My Gift

To My Wife Vicki:

I will never forget when you first stood next to me,
I knew that together in life, we were truly meant to be.
Never before had I felt a soul so innocent and pure,
God had designed us to be as one, my heart was sure.
Your beauty was magnificent both inside and out,
You were truly a gift from God and I had no doubt.
Who was I to finally find my one and only true love,
A sorry soul truly blessed, by a gift from God above.
Even though I had closed my heart and mind to all,
God planned when first together, for you I would fall.
Even though the years together have seen good & bad,
My life with you is the greastest gift I have ever had.
Please remember that my love for you will never end,
Together forever as my soulmate and my best friend.

By: Larry Shawn Cagle