The Great Flood


By Larry Shawn Cagle
October 20, 2019

Most everyone today has heard about Noah, the ark he built and The Great Flood”. The Christian Bible describes this historical event in some detail. This information about The Great Flood and Noah’s efforts starts with the verse in Genesis 6:9 and ends in Genesis Chapter 9. However, this article is about what our so called modern history professionals claim about The Great Flood and Noah.

With the discovery of a stone “tablet” with writing pertaining to a great flood dating some 3000 years before anything in Aramaic or Hebrew concerning The Great Flood, the historians have now concluded that the The Great Flood of Christianity and Judaism was copied from an earlier story. What these individuals are basically saying is that The Great Flood did not happen as it is taught in Christianity and in Judaism. This is solely because they claim to have found no “credible” proof of that story from Christianity and Judaism. (Much of the Bible is not considered as acceptable proof by the historians of today.) The problem with their train of thought is just because they cannot find proof during a time when very few individuals wrote or were able to read, does not mean that everything with out written proof is false. Secondly, these historians have not considered that writing materials hardly existed way back when this occurred. Plus, almost every time a civilization was conquered back thousands of years ago, the conquering forces always did their best to destroyed everything concerning the people they had conquered. This was to ease the establishment of their culture over the culture that was conquered. Plus, considering how many times Israel has been conquered by foreign forces, it is not surprising but should be expected that there will be no written record of The Great Flood, yet.

So today with the many attacks against Christianity and everything related to Christianity, it is not surprising the default position of these mainstream history individuals is that if there is no proof, it did not happen. In addition, any proof found is almost always considered unreliable if it relates to Christianity’s as stated in the Bible. Which is extremely sad at the very least and disgusting as far as I am concern. The only thing that helps is the fact that they will ultimately answer to God for their actions if unrepentant.

Basically, I believe just because someone has not found proof as defined by the secular society, it is not acceptable or prudent to flatly state it didn’t happen just because it concerns or is related to Christianity.


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