A New

When I confess my sins & ask to be forgiven,
Your Grace sends all of them into oblivion.
I will start anew with no debts to be paid,
I have nothing left to be measured or weighed.
The power of Your Grace has made me reborn,
Because Your love has made my soul adorn!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle


Concern For

In my heart I truly have great concern,
For all those who seem to never learn.
This world is evil and it will always be,
Regardless of what they want to believe.

I cannot understand the need & desire,
Believing there’s more you have to acquire.
But with each item that you try to possess,
You discover you have more but there’s less.

It’s enslavement of the nefarious kind,
Trapping the soul & keeping you blind.
Never able to know what they truly need,
Satan takes away any desire to succeed.

This world contains not a single treasure,
Why waste your time on earthly pleasure?
If you only live for the time you are here,
After your death you will know true fear.

You will have to accept that God is always right,
Or you’ll never be able to truly walk in God’s light.
If you open your mind & read God’s word each day,
You’ll know the truth & God will show you the way!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle