Perfect Love

God`s love supports us when we suffer,
Giving us endurance we soon discover.
Through His love our character grows,
Adding the hope so we can truly know.
God poured His love into all of our hearts,
Blessed with the Holy Spirit, never to part.
His love can fulfill all our earthly needs,
A perfect love no greater could we conceive!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle


There For All

I was walking alone in the world just looking for my place,
When I realized I was headed for destruction without haste.
When I did not know if there was anything that I could do,
I started to search for some help and what I found was You.
You said that You came as soon as I called out Your name,
And no matter what I have done You’d love me the just same.

You said You’re here to help me survive this world until the end,
And there is nothing that You will not do to make sure that I win.
All you asked from me was to have faith free of a worrying mind,
And to profess my belief in Your gift of grace that anyone can find.
You told me you have always known me as you’re my Father from above,
All you offer is free to all & there is nothing greater than Your love.

I could not believe or understand how a God who is perfection,
Could love someone like me who sees only sin in their reflection.
Then I realized that if we were not broken we would have no need,
To have God come into our life to guide us so in the end we can succeed.
It does not make a difference what we’ve done in life as long as we repent,
God will forgive & forget all our sins so we can avoid an eternity of torment!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle

The Path

There are many different paths in life we can choose to follow,
But there is only one that will help us overcome life’s sorrow.
Sadly, most of us usually start down the one that’s not right,
However, we can always decide to follow any path in our sight.

The good news is there is one perfect path He made for each,
Designed by the one true living God and easy for us to reach.
To walk the path that God has created especially just for you,
Simply give your life & soul to God and accept His grace too.

Once you have found God and accepted His free gift of grace,
You will know in your heart that with Him you always had a place.
A place with God our Father who will always love & care for you,
Regardless of whatever you may say and whatever you may do.

Just remember to always put God first in your life each day,
Always read God’s word & work hard to follow His Son’s way.
Whenever you slip and fall and then give into temptation,
Just confess your sins to God to receive His gift of redemption.

We are not perfect and will make many mistakes, this He knows,
He made sure that each time we slip & fall, we can learn & grow.
There will always be times we step off our path & lose our way,
All we must do is ask for God’s help and guidance when we pray.

Once we have given our lives to God we now belong to Him,
He will never forsake us & always be there, even when we sin.
When we reach the end of our life and the world is finally done,
We find God’s path has led us to an eternity with Him & His Son!!

By: Larry Shawn Cagle

How To Be Saved

I have to admit, one of the most difficult subjects that many individuals deal with when considering faith and Christianity, is what it takes to be “Saved”. “Saved” means to have the Holy Spirit (from God) come into your heart and be part of your life so after death you can enter Heaven and spend an eternity with God and Jesus because all of your sins have been forgiven. Too many Christians and others usualy argue and disagree exactly what is required for a person to be saved. There is a simple solution to answer what it takes that is often ignored for personal, secular, ideological or other reasons. If you want the truth, all you must do is read God’s word. There you can find all the answers to Life, Living and being Christian.

The Bible states:
“because, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For with the heart one believes and is justified, and with the mouth one confesses and is saved.”
Romans 10:9‭-‬10 ESV

Now you know what it takes to become Saved. Please remember that becoming Saved is just the first step to becoming a True Christian. Now you must walk the path that God has planned just for you and stay in His guiding light as He will never leave you or forsake you!!

Written by: Larry Shawn Cagle

Why We Were

Every day I wonder exactly why we were all made,
Do we have a special purpose to fulfill each day.
Is life just to gather all the earthly goods we can,
Or is there another reason that God created man.

When I look around at my life it seems so empty,
Even though I spent all my years gathering plenty.
Several days a week I spend time cleaning off the dust,
Or making sure other objects I have do not begin to rust.

In my heart I know that there’s something missing inside,
It feels as there is something I should have done or tried.
I have a family with many friends around me each day,
But this feeling that I have simply will just not go away.

When I was young I was told of God’s love He has for all,
That God and His Son Jesus is always wanting us to call.
It did not matter what we had believed or done in our past,
That until we die God’s Grace can save our soul if we ask.

I do not understand how God can love someone like me,
Who has spent their entire life sinning & ignoring His plea.
To many times when I could have help someone in need,
I ignored their pleas as I was to focused only on my greed.

What is there about me or the reason that God really cares,
Is it because I am here or possibly I could be one of his heirs.
A possibility I have denied all my life but always felt inside,
That God loves me but I cannot see it because of my pride.

Dear God my Father please hear my plea as I finally now know,
That because of Your divine love there’s no length you won’t go.
I call to You and Your Son to save my soul from Satan’s evil grip,
I know with your gift of Grace I can have salvation & fellowship.

Who could ever ask for a greater gift than offered by the true God above,
When you confess He forgives & forgets all sins because of His love.
I beg you not to wait until you’re knocking at death’s door about to enter,
Put aside your pride & call to God your Father and confess you are a sinner!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle

To Share With

God, please help me spread Your word to others,
So it can bring true joy to our sisters & brothers.
Let them hear for themselves all Your Good News,
As they have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

To many people deny facts that they all know are true,
They can have life eternally simply by calling to You.
It is always written on our hearts from the very first day,
Your Grace is for all simply by following Your Son’s way.

I pray each day I may open at least one person’s eye,
Just enough for them to know they never have to die.
To see that You sent Your only Son to die in their place,
So they can have salvation by accepting Your gift of Grace!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle