Thank You

Dear God my Father from above,
Thank You for giving me all Your love.
For helping me stay in Your light,
Always being ready to take my fight.
To overcome life’s problems each day,
Simply by following Your Son’s way.
I know You’ll never stop loving me,
Making sure my soul is safe & free.
I know I do not deserve Your love,
Thank You for being my Father above!!

By: Larry Shawn Cagle


There Is 

I’ve heard you can see the good in people if you try,
But the world is evil and you can see it by all the lies.

If all you want is to be free and have peace of mind,
You’ll have to go through life as though you’re blind.
There are choices left for all those souls misplaced,
Someone to care for all those who’ve been disgraced.

“I know I’m a simple soul lost in time without any hope,
Where can I find the only One who can help me cope?”

There is someone from whom you can never hide,
Who’s just waiting for you to call Him to your side.
His love is greater than you could ever conceive,
If you accept His Grace He promises to never leave.

“Is He always there waiting for me to call out to Him,
So once together my new life with Him can truly begin?”

God the Father gives His grace so you can bear all,
He gives you the strength you need with your call.
If you ask God with faith free of a worrying mind,
He will always give you all that you need in kind.

It’s really a simple choice for everything you will gain,
A life in Heaven eternally free of all suffering & pain!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle

Why Decide

No point in living,
Taking not giving,
Seeing those in need,
Keeping only to suceed,
An eternity to dwell.

Choices are all free,
Often we don’t see,
Many chances missed,
Kept to another’s list,
An eternity to dwell.

To late to decide,
Family & friends graveside,
Failed in the giving,
Wasted was the living,
An eternity to dwell!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle

My Life Is Not Mine

I recently learned that once I had given my life fully to God,
Many things that once came easily now had become very hard.
This was not because God just wanted me to have to suffer,
He needed me to see what I believed important was just clutter.
The direction I had chosen was actually leading me astray,
Away from God’s love & plan designed to show me the way.

Since God became responsible for my life I finally understood,
He would do all in His power so my salvation could be assured.
I had to learn even though I could not see all His plans for me,
He already knew all that I needed so Heaven could be a reality.
While I believed for a while my life was going seriously wrong,
Soon I discovered what I felt was because I was too headstrong.

I learned I no longer controlled my life or whatever happened,
All that occurs is only by God & all my control was imagined.
Regardless of how hard my life has become I feel fully assured,
Suffering kept me walking in His light & I’d have Heaven secured!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle

Do Not Let Me

Do not let me give into evil of any shape or form,
From You & Your Son I do not want to be torn.
Do not let me give into temptations of the flesh,
Allow me to serve you with each living breath.
Do not allow me to go one day without praising You,
Show me how I can show others my faith is true.
Do not let me forget the blessings I have received,
The ones You have given me when I was in need.
Do not let me lead others astray by my acts or words,
Allow me to share Your miracles I’ve seen or heard.
Do not let me fail in telling others of Your saving grace,
Help me show them in heaven they can have a place.
Do not let me fail in spreading the truth of Your gifts,
Help me overcome Satan’s evil regardless of the risk!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle

I Was

Thinking back to my youth long in the past,
Each day I remember went by way too fast.
Discovering living life and making it mine,
Always felt as though I had plenty of time.

One period I consider very peaceful to me,
When I lived life & I had no responsibility.
This blessing was because of my home,
My parent’s love meant I was not alone.

With all I was finding in living life I knew,
That I needed something or someone new.
Being the age when you start see more,
I developed a serious desire to explore.

This lead to finding a companion you see,
Thinking this would fulfill that desire in me.
I realized something greater was required,
Even with thier love I still had this desire.

In desperation I cried out I knew I was lost,
You came to tell me help came at a cost.
That I must confess my sinning was not right,
Then to have faith and to walk in Your light.

“My Son, Jesus, died so you can avoid death,
Then have life eternal after your last breath.
There is nothing for you that I would not do,
I’m God your Father the One who created you!!”

By Larry Shawn Cagle

When I

As I walked under the warm summer sun,
Life was sweet & beautiful when I was young.
I always felt as though I never had a care,
Always living life doing whatever I would dare.
Whatever I wanted was always important to me,
My life seemed perfect being so young and free.

The years I’ve lived have made my eyes dim,
The weight of living has made me not as thin.
Each day’s passing is making my body weak,
Now I know there’s more to life I need to seek.
My time is growing short with no way to extend,
The days are fading fast as I’m nearing my end.

I truly thought I knew all that needed to be done,
Before there was no more time left under the sun.
I should’ve worked harder doing what was right,
Times passed when I could’ve walked in God’s light.
In my heart I felt I only did what had to be done,
But no life is worth living if it’s absent of God’s Son!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle

Here Again

Lord, here I am once again on my knees in prayer,
Trying to see the good in life as all I see is despair.
People caring only for themselves and never for others,
Believing they are alone having no sisters or brothers.

All their energy goes to making sure in life they succeed,
While always turning a blind eye towards those in need.
They can’t see their earthly treasures have no real worth,
As all they have will pass away with the heavens & earth.

Can you help these blind people see when they don’t want to,
By showing there is hope and salvation in following you.
They have all been part of this evil world since their youth,
All their hearts are hard with their minds closed to the truth.

When I see the evil they do as part of living each & every day,
I feel there is little hope for them & I do not know what to say.
If they would only try to see the power and beauty of Your Grace,
True salvation comes from You & in Heaven they could have a place!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle

One Day Forever

Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior,
No deed needs done for His favor.
His perfect love is free for all,
Need only to ask with your call.
Grace from God flows through Him,
His death removed the stain of sin.
Nothing is greater than His love,
We receive although undeserving of.
Regardless of what deeds observed,
Jesus will give more than we deserve.
One day we will be forever in Heaven ,
With God, His Son & all our brethren.
This world is evil and soon will end,
Then as promised our new life begins!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle