Here Again

Lord, here I am once again on my knees in prayer,
Trying to see the good in life as all I see is despair.
People caring only for themselves and never for others,
Believing they are alone having no sisters or brothers.

All their energy goes to making sure in life they succeed,
While always turning a blind eye towards those in need.
They can’t see their earthly treasures have no real worth,
As all they have will pass away with the heavens & earth.

Can you help these blind people see when they don’t want to,
By showing there is hope and salvation in following you.
They have all been part of this evil world since their youth,
All their hearts are hard with their minds closed to the truth.

When I see the evil they do as part of living each & every day,
I feel there is little hope for them & I do not know what to say.
If they would only try to see the power and beauty of Your Grace,
True salvation comes from You & in Heaven they could have a place!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle


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