I Was

Thinking back to my youth long in the past,
Each day I remember went by way too fast.
Discovering living life and making it mine,
Always felt as though I had plenty of time.

One period I consider very peaceful to me,
When I lived life & I had no responsibility.
This blessing was because of my home,
My parent’s love meant I was not alone.

With all I was finding in living life I knew,
That I needed something or someone new.
Being the age when you start see more,
I developed a serious desire to explore.

This lead to finding a companion you see,
Thinking this would fulfill that desire in me.
I realized something greater was required,
Even with thier love I still had this desire.

In desperation I cried out I knew I was lost,
You came to tell me help came at a cost.
That I must confess my sinning was not right,
Then to have faith and to walk in Your light.

“My Son, Jesus, died so you can avoid death,
Then have life eternal after your last breath.
There is nothing for you that I would not do,
I’m God your Father the One who created you!!”

By Larry Shawn Cagle


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