For All To See

I cannot help but feel sorry for people today,
Lost and alone searching for a better way.
Turning to others for direction & security,
Only finding their own confusion & obscurity.

Out each night and day hoping for better,
Thinking their suffering can’t last forever.
Others talking how they found direction,
Speaking falsely giving only misconception.

My heart aches when they cannot see,
Only God can give the love they need.
I know their pain comes from isolation,
Adding to their own growing frustsation.

They claim a life worth living can be easily seen,
As long as you follow the master of the unclean.
Satan claims he only wants what is good for you,
But if you believe that then you are truly a fool.

While there are many who find earthly treasures,
Soon they see they give only temporary pleasures.
Nothing of this world can give us what we truly seek,
Only God can give all you need before you can speak!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle


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