As long as I can remember You have always been part of me,
You have never left my side regardless of what You may see.
I know You have tried hard each day teaching me how to live,
And You showed me life is not about taking but what we give.
Even when I was far off the path You had designed just for me,
You were always there showing me how and what I needed to be.

When I was very young and had learned about You and Your word,
I never once doubted Your existence irregardless of what I heard.
I decided that if I had to suffer either now or after my last breath,
I wanted my torments to be now so I could avoid the second death.
But one of the most amazing aspects of everything I have been through,
Regardless of how often I sinned, You never left me as Your word is true.

It has been about 50 years and You have been with me day & night,
Sadly, it has only been recently that I started fully walking in Your light.
Even when I refused to live life right, You still worked to make me free,
But I still can’t understand how You could love such a lowly sinner as me.
I wish I had realized sooner the voice inside of me was the Holy Ghost,
So I would know the voice guiding me was the One who knows the most.

Even though my mind is not nearly as sharp as it was many years ago,
I can’t believe I once thought miracles I had came from what I know.
Sadly it would take 30 years before I realized it was all solely from You,
But since that one revelation I can honestly say, my faith steadly grew.
I sincerely believe all that was part of Your plan to help me stay on track,
As I know You never do anything that is not good for me & that is a fact.

I am so grateful for the blessings & gifts that I have received from You,
Each one has helped in many ways and made sure my faith still grew.
I was in a state of pure peace and no longer connected to this sphere,
The time You touched my soul with Your love freeing me from here.
All of my worries had vanished together with all I loved on this earth,
I realized then all that occurs here without God simply has no worth.

I know now that all there has been or will be is soon, going to pass away,
And there is only one way to survive the coming of God’s Judgement Day.
You must accept that there is only One True Living God & Jesus is His Son,
Who willing died for all our sins in order for our salvation to be won.
Confess you are a sinner like everyone else & ask for forgiveness for your sins,
Keep God first in your heart & in all you do so you can have an eternity with Him.

Never will there be anything in this Universe that is greater than God and His Son,
Whatever may happen in your life just remember there’s nothing God hasn’t overcome!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle


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