Why We Live

There has been many times in my life I have wondered why,
If there is no reason or point for living, why should I even try.
It seems we are born, work hard & suffer and it’s time for death,
I need to know if I have a reason for being before my last breath.

Many have said it’s to make your mark on life but is that really true,
And if that was right, when we were born we all would know what to do.
Others believe that it is only to keep life going on so it won’t ever end,
To me that seems, at the very least, a simply completely pointless trend.

For as many reasons there are, I have come to understand and believe,
The reason we ask why, is that there is a truth we all need to perceive.
There is one truth we are born with in our heart that we have to find,
Because if we do not live by this truth our lives will never be truly defined.

We are all from God who loves us and has a plan for us to succeed,
It’s for all of us to know God, love God & serve God, this is all we need.
Since we know exactly why we are here & what part we all have to play,
The rest of life is easy only having to focus on following God each day!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle


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