My Life Is Not Mine

I recently learned that once I had given my life fully to God,
Many things that once came easily now had become very hard.
This was not because God just wanted me to have to suffer,
He needed me to see what I believed important was just clutter.
The direction I had chosen was actually leading me astray,
Away from God’s love & plan designed to show me the way.

Since God became responsible for my life I finally understood,
He would do all in His power so my salvation could be assured.
I had to learn even though I could not see all His plans for me,
He already knew all that I needed so Heaven could be a reality.
While I believed for a while my life was going seriously wrong,
Soon I discovered what I felt was because I was too headstrong.

I learned I no longer controlled my life or whatever happened,
All that occurs is only by God & all my control was imagined.
Regardless of how hard my life has become I feel fully assured,
Suffering kept me walking in His light & I’d have Heaven secured!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle


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