Do Not Let Me

Do not let me give into evil of any shape or form,
From You & Your Son I do not want to be torn.
Do not let me give into temptations of the flesh,
Allow me to serve you with each living breath.
Do not allow me to go one day without praising You,
Show me how I can show others my faith is true.
Do not let me forget the blessings I have received,
The ones You have given me when I was in need.
Do not let me lead others astray by my acts or words,
Allow me to share Your miracles I’ve seen or heard.
Do not let me fail in telling others of Your saving grace,
Help me show them in heaven they can have a place.
Do not let me fail in spreading the truth of Your gifts,
Help me overcome Satan’s evil regardless of the risk!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle


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