On That Day

I pray for a time when,
We will all be free from sin.
All our prays will be answered,
All our voices will be heard.

We will shed no more tears,
We will have no more fears.
For on that miraculous day,
All the faithful will be saved.

There will be no more hate,
It is not long for us to wait.
We will all be the same,
and be free from the pain.

It is really not far away,
That final judgement day.
When Jesus Christ will come,
Gods one and only Son!!

All our sins have been forgiven,
In heaven we will all be livin’.
Surrounded by His perfect love,
And peace from God above.

More beauty than we can see,
Our bodies just as perfect as He.
When Jesus Christ has come,
God’s one and only Saving Son!!

By: Larry Shawn Cagle 


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