Lost Sometimes 

Pain & suffering is increasing with each day,
All brotherly love & charity has lost its way.
I hate what I see and plead to God for relief,
I know that it is all because of my weak belief
Tears stream as I pray to Him for the strength,
And I tell God for Him I will go to any length.

Sadly it’s hard to feel like one of God’s winners,
When I know all I am is just another lowly sinner.
People are caring only for their personal ideals,
Always trying to change a world they think is real.
A part of the bigger picture they think they know,
Seeing the only goodness in all the evil they sow.

I can never find a place for my mind to hide,
To keep the pain out there from coming inside.
If I only knew how to have a little more faith,
My days would surely have a much quicker pace.
Because life here is evil and always so very hard,
All I need is the love & grace that comes from God!!

By: Larry Shawn Cagle 


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