Why We Were

Every day I wonder exactly why we were all made,
Do we have a special purpose to fulfill each day.
Is life just to gather all the earthly goods we can,
Or is there another reason that God created man.

When I look around at my life it seems so empty,
Even though I spent all my years gathering plenty.
Several days a week I spend time cleaning off the dust,
Or making sure other objects I have do not begin to rust.

In my heart I know that there’s something missing inside,
It feels as there is something I should have done or tried.
I have a family with many friends around me each day,
But this feeling that I have simply will just not go away.

When I was young I was told of God’s love He has for all,
That God and His Son Jesus is always wanting us to call.
It did not matter what we had believed or done in our past,
That until we die God’s Grace can save our soul if we ask.

I do not understand how God can love someone like me,
Who has spent their entire life sinning & ignoring His plea.
To many times when I could have help someone in need,
I ignored their pleas as I was to focused only on my greed.

What is there about me or the reason that God really cares,
Is it because I am here or possibly I could be one of his heirs.
A possibility I have denied all my life but always felt inside,
That God loves me but I cannot see it because of my pride.

Dear God my Father please hear my plea as I finally now know,
That because of Your divine love there’s no length you won’t go.
I call to You and Your Son to save my soul from Satan’s evil grip,
I know with your gift of Grace I can have salvation & fellowship.

Who could ever ask for a greater gift than offered by the true God above,
When you confess He forgives & forgets all sins because of His love.
I beg you not to wait until you’re knocking at death’s door about to enter,
Put aside your pride & call to God your Father and confess you are a sinner!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle


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