When I

When I reach the end of my day,
I often fall on my knees to pray.
But the times I take to talk to God,
Seems to be only when my life is hard.
When days go by with little confusion,
Not thanking God is a foolish delusion.

I know that for me He will always be there,
But when life is good I seem not to care.
Wrong as this is I still seem to forget,
In good times or bad even when in debt,
That God’s love for me will always be there,
And no matter what I do, He will always care!!

By: Larry Shawn Cagle

I Won’t Compromise 

I won’t compromise,
Are you suprised?
Life on my knees,
My soul at ease.
Peace from prayer,
God’s always there.

Evil still growing,
No sign of slowing.
Wanting it to end,
Then I can begin.
Life with God above,
Eternity & His love.

I will always believe,
His way is for me.
He accepts my petition,
My sins are forgiven.
Freedom from all sin,
Only comes from Him.

I won’t compromise,
Now are you suprised?
Nothing is impossible,
His love is unstoppable.
I will always be heard,
Spreading God word.

By: Larry Shawn Cagle

With Him

For You are my strentgh and my rock,
Together with You I will always walk.
No matter the power of the storm,
I am safe because I’ve been reborn.
You are my protector and my shield,
To You Satan and demons must yeild.

Your living word is the power of my sword,
It gives me the ability to claim Your reward.
My path is always illuminated by Your light,
With Your love protecting me day and night.
When in the valley of the shadow I have no fear,
With Your Grace our victory over death is clear!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle