Why Can’t I 

To my loving wife:

It never seems right no matter what I say or do,
I am never able to find the way I can please you.
The words are wrong or the tone is not quite right,
No matter the words I use we always seem to fight.

Where did it all go wrong and we lost our connection,
Why are you now unable to return my love & affection.
The harder I try to love you the angrier you seem to be,
Tell me what to do so you’ll again show your love to me.

Is there any hope left in your heart that you can’t find,
Why can you not see I will love you until the end of time.I
I’ve tried everything I know to make you happy again,
Please show me what to do as I am ready to begin.

I pray day and night for God to heal both our hearts,
I need you desperately and I never want to be apart.
So Dear please give me a sign that you want my love,
And pray with me to be together forever to God above.

I am waiting to hear from you to let me know you care,
In my heart God says He can heal us through our prayers.
So pray with me at least one more time will you please,
Because it’s you & your love that I want and I truly need!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle


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