We Are Meant To Be

To my loving wife:

I know it is hard at times for you to see,
That together in life we are meant to be.
God had a plan designed just for His Son
Plus He had a purpose for making us one,

Do not blame me when we have no control,
It’s only God’s Grace that can save your soul.
Satan does his best to ruin life for everyone,
But God gave us a way to win through His Son.

He only wants the best for us all every day,
But together we both must ask when we pray.
The true power of Christ only comes by prayer,
This is the message together we must share.

What can I say to you except God loves you,
There is nothing in life for you He wouldn’t do.
I know I could never love you as much as God,
But I truly promise to try to no matter how hard.

Remember that God does have a plan for everyone,
And he designed our paths to come together as one.
So please never believe that we are not meant to be,
Because like God, I will love you forever & an eternity!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle


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