There For All

I was walking alone in the world just looking for my place,
When I realized I was headed for destruction without haste.
When I did not know if there was anything that I could do,
I started to search for some help and what I found was You.
You said that You came as soon as I called out Your name,
And no matter what I have done You’d love me the just same.

You said You’re here to help me survive this world until the end,
And there is nothing that You will not do to make sure that I win.
All you asked from me was to have faith free of a worrying mind,
And to profess my belief in Your gift of grace that anyone can find.
You told me you have always known me as you’re my Father from above,
All you offer is free to all & there is nothing greater than Your love.

I could not believe or understand how a God who is perfection,
Could love someone like me who sees only sin in their reflection.
Then I realized that if we were not broken we would have no need,
To have God come into our life to guide us so in the end we can succeed.
It does not make a difference what we’ve done in life as long as we repent,
God will forgive & forget all our sins so we can avoid an eternity of torment!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle


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