The Path

There are many different paths in life we can choose to follow,
But there is only one that will help us overcome life’s sorrow.
Sadly, most of us usually start down the one that’s not right,
However, we can always decide to follow any path in our sight.

The good news is there is one perfect path He made for each,
Designed by the one true living God and easy for us to reach.
To walk the path that God has created especially just for you,
Simply give your life & soul to God and accept His grace too.

Once you have found God and accepted His free gift of grace,
You will know in your heart that with Him you always had a place.
A place with God our Father who will always love & care for you,
Regardless of whatever you may say and whatever you may do.

Just remember to always put God first in your life each day,
Always read God’s word & work hard to follow His Son’s way.
Whenever you slip and fall and then give into temptation,
Just confess your sins to God to receive His gift of redemption.

We are not perfect and will make many mistakes, this He knows,
He made sure that each time we slip & fall, we can learn & grow.
There will always be times we step off our path & lose our way,
All we must do is ask for God’s help and guidance when we pray.

Once we have given our lives to God we now belong to Him,
He will never forsake us & always be there, even when we sin.
When we reach the end of our life and the world is finally done,
We find God’s path has led us to an eternity with Him & His Son!!

By: Larry Shawn Cagle


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