There Is 

I’ve heard you can see the good in people if you try,
But the world is evil and you can see it by all the lies.

If all you want is to be free and have peace of mind,
You’ll have to go through life as though you’re blind.
There are choices left for all those souls misplaced,
Someone to care for all those who’ve been disgraced.

“I know I’m a simple soul lost in time without any hope,
Where can I find the only One who can help me cope?”

There is someone from whom you can never hide,
Who’s just waiting for you to call Him to your side.
His love is greater than you could ever conceive,
If you accept His Grace He promises to never leave.

“Is He always there waiting for me to call out to Him,
So once together my new life with Him can truly begin?”

God the Father gives His grace so you can bear all,
He gives you the strength you need with your call.
If you ask God with faith free of a worrying mind,
He will always give you all that you need in kind.

It’s really a simple choice for everything you will gain,
A life in Heaven eternally free of all suffering & pain!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle


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