Said & Done

I know that I have lost my way,
Please come to my aid this day.
I use to be someone who was upright,
Because I made sure to walk in God’s light.
But now all is darkness all around me,
Please come and help to set me free.

There was a time I could always cope,
And now without You I have no hope.
How did I stray so far from Your path,
Was it because of my anger and wrath?
I never seem to be able to forgive others,
Including all my sisters and brothers.

What must I do to have peace inside,
Is there a special way I have not tried?
Please come & show me what I missed,
I know I cannot keep on living like this.
I hate all the evil I see each & every day,
How much longer here must I stay?

I wish I could forgive and forget like You,
But everytime I try I am just not able to.
Please show me how to have more faith,
How to love others and forget about hate.
All I want now is to know what to do,
Show me the way as I give my life to You.

Teach me how to use Your gift of grace,
I cannot afford to lose this eternal race.
Never let me see the darkness ever again,
Help me overcome temptations so I do not sin.
All I want is to be with You and Your Son,
Together forever when it’s all said & done!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle


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