Please God, send your angels to save me,
Is this truly all my life is meant to be.
Pain & suffering every minute of each day,
God please help me, I have lost my way.

The place you once filled is now a dark hole,
Emptyness is all I now have left to my soul.
I do not know what I did to push you away,
Please God, I need your help, save me today.

My heart is breaking and my soul aches,
Why can I not find you in that special place.
Please come back and show me what to do,
I can no longer keep on living without you.

If I fall on my knees and pray to you for relief,
Can you show me how to overcome my grief.
For all the wrongs I have even done to others,
The suffering my actions caused my sisters & brothers.

Please God, I am so hollow and feel so out of place,
How can I get my soul filled again with your grace.
I pray day & night for your love and your help,
Dear God, why can your reply no longer be felt.

What am I lacking to making myself whole,
Am I asking to much for such a sorry soul.
Must I give up all that I am to have your love,
Which path must I follow to find God above.

The darkness I feel is slowly fading away,
Now a voice I hear begins to guide my way.
It is soft and sweet, full of hope and love,
I recognize that it is from my Father above.

He tell me He has never left me for a single second,
But it was I who turned my eyes away from His presence.
For when I sin & fail to ask Him to be forgiven,
Sadly there’s no help from your God in Heaven.

For I cannot look upon any soul with a stain,
Regardless of how much I want to relieve your pain.
Please remember I will always be there for you,
No matter what you say or what you may do.

Be sure to open your heart and soul fully to me,
And I will give all my precious love I have to thee.
So when you feel empty, hollow and all alone,
Remember I am here waiting until you are home!!

By: Larry Shawn Cagle


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