Never To Late©

What do you really know,
Are you sure you’re ready to go.
Your soul is lost by a life misled,
Fire and brimestone lies ahead.
Your fate is sealed by lies & strife,
No second chances in the afterlife.
All the chances you had to repent,
You passed by without any dissent.
No need to worry or stay on track,
it’s always easier to follow the pack.
The flesh was easy to pacify,
The spirit took more to satisfy.
Why worry and lay life on the line,
Time is short & all will be fine.
But you know that it is not true,
There is only one choice left for you.
Ask for the only gift that saves,
The only way to overcome the grave.
There’s nothing to do or to give,
Jesus gave His life so we could live!!

By Larry Shawn Cagle


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