As I Sit

(This Is The First Poem I Created)

As I sit and feel God’s sun warm on my face,
I wonder just where in life is my place.
Lost and confused with so much regret,
I realize with God there is no reason to fret.
God has planned a path for me to follow,
So I would not be alone & have any sorrow.
I know that I am completely free to chose,
Suddenly I realize there is a lot for me to lose.
Not just what I do today or even tomorrow,
But for my eternity I know have to follow.
Not blind faith without thinking or choosing,
But faith & trust in God’s love is soul soothing.
He will keep us safe and secure throughout all time,
And all He asks for is faith free of a worrying mind.
Who could ask for more than all God offers,
Because His gift is free and never falters.
If you truly love God with all your heart,
Then you and He will never be apart!!

By: Larry Shawn Cagle


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